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Together we can
travel to the stars and back,
we are soul-sisters.

This week has been one full of emotion for me,
but I have come to appreciate even more the sparkles in my life.

My online sisters and the occasional brother, are you reading me Joe! ;~)
My yoga mat mates,
My fleshly sister, we are quite a few years apart age wise,
when I was growing up she was already married.
Dallas, (isn't that a super name?) lived overseas for about twenty years 
so when she returned to the UK we had to get to know each other all over again!
Next week we are going to a posh hotel dinner & dance,
today I'm on my way over to hers, 
we are going to talk ~


this is the nickname my love gave me when I was a slip of a lass,
my proper name being Susan Fox.

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Unknown said…
how wonderful to have a sister you can visit and chat with!

shoes'n'frocks, excellent :)

hope the emotions shift and do what they need to do to move forward.

love the shot - gives me hope LOL
Kim Mailhot said…
As one of three sisters, I know the importanmce of connecting. As one blessed with some awesome soul sisters, I know the joy and wholeness that comes from connecting there too ! So glad you have that joy !
Enjoy in, Sister !
rebecca said…
seriously, you have an older sister named Dallas? i know there's a story worth sharing there!!!

oh sue i can only tell you that your place in my heart is as vital, uplifting and treasured as i hope mine is in yours. so grateful we have each other, no matter time, no thought of distance. but ones day, we most certainly must meet!

enjoy your sister time.
somepinkflowers said…

SO much!

my one sister
is my True Treasure
until i went away to college...
she was only a Brat!

{{ 4 years younger,
wanting my stuff,
wanting my space,
on... }}

~~i Missed her~~

how things turn out!

carol l mckenna said…
lovely 'soul sister' haiku ~ (A Creative Harbor)
Cat said…
love it
what a week it has been for you
glad you have loved ones close♥

love and light
Priti Lisa said…
shoes 'n frocks...that is Dallas, lol.I love to read little personal stories, it makes you seem more real. I have 2 sisters who both live too far away...♥♥♥
Rachel said…
Awesome picture and haiku!
Dawn Elliott said…
Love your nickname...Shoes 'n Frocks! Aren't sisters wonderful??? Mine is so different from me, yet we have that special bond that transcends everything else!
joanne said…
I love this image....and a super message in your haiku...I have a cousin my age (60), and we tell each other we want to grow old together....we'll see...she lives in Florida, and I don't like it hot!
Annie Jeffries said…
I love your nickname. So charming and perfect from a young beloved.

I'm reminded that I haven't talked to my sister in over a month. I must talk to her tomorrow.
I can imagine this very well. I had no sister(s), but I had a brother (R.I.P) with whom I did everything. We travelled together, biked together, had same circle of friends and so on.
Wonderfully composed haiku.
Fallingladies said…
I have always been sorry i didn't have a sister... But i have two daughters at least!
Introverted Art said…
This is amazing. I don't have a sister, but my brother is one of the most important people in my life.
I am so loving the new layout!!!!

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