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Coming Unstuck

This is 'My Book of Belief', that is what I called it,
an altered book that I constructed a number of years ago.
I made it as part of my therapy, an alphabet of positive affirmations.

I love this book, I love how the light shines on the foiled strips, on the sparkly bits and the ribbons.  Of late the strips have become unstuck, they're dropping off. I did intend to re-glue them, but then I started to notice something, a new attraction to the way the book looked.  I started to see the book in a different light, I saw an added dimension, a different element of beauty that the passing of time had bestowed.

My attitude and outlook has changed since I assembled these pages too, although the book is filled with positive affirmations, intentions and rosy thoughts, I have somewhat revised my opinion of 'positive outlooks'. The 'Law of Attraction' for example, this was something I used to enthuse about around the same time I made this book. I could see it so clearly then, how 'the law' worked, what you focus on you get more of!  That idea was as bright and shiny as my sparkling affirmations, no place for doubts, worry, or any other negative feelings, so I thought. 

My reality has changed somewhat, I have come to see things differently. I know there are and will be times when I will feel like my life has become unstuck, when things seem to be falling apart and that I will give way to worry and doubt, I have come to accept this.  I am okay with it because I have begun to appreciate that this too is a part of me, a part of my human makeup, of who I am.  I have come to realise there's a place for all of our emotions, they are a part of the whole human experience.

I will of course re-glue these strips before they drop off completely and get lost, the same with my feelings and emotions, I will sit with them awhile, see the worth of them, the message they have for me, the actions I need to take or not take whichever the case may be! I will then return to my journey until I feel the need to readjust again, fine tune.................. it's an ongoing process..........


Annie Jeffries said…
Dear Sue,

How insightful to realize that your life view has changed right along with your book(or perhaps vis/versa - art imitating life?) I have so much that 35 years ago meant a great deal to me. Now I look at it and wonder where that person went. If I can't answer the question, I let the item(s) go to perhaps be meaningful in someone else's life. The things I keep? Like you, I repair them, dust them off, make sure they are still together for the next 35.

Cat said…
oh so true Suey
it is an on going process and not only that
it is ALL about the journey
NOT the end result

love the analogy

love and light
I too have let go of so many of those old beliefs, as life went in unexpected directions... Life is definitely an ongoing, open-ended process. What I love is the awareness that comes with it as we continue to unfold. You have just given me some insight on my art process! :) Now I am beginning to understand that life is more like a sand mandala that the Buddhist monks make. They spend hours toiling away at creating it, in all its intricacy, and then swoosh, it is wiped away. We just never know how life will unfold... Lovely post!
Unknown said…
yes, yes, yes, and YES.
you know i walk the same walk soul-sister.
Anonymous said…
for a million and 10 plus, i loved this post. it resonated deeply with me. and i echo the others hear in saying that i too am walking with you. xx (btw i sewed some of your lovely lace into a headband today - sent you good thoughts with each stitch) :)

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