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Sending Out my Signal

The feeling was one of restlessness, since returning from the coast a kind of gloom had set-in. These days I have learned to sit with my feelings for a while, then I follow good advice, I try to distract myself, photography or composing a post usually helps.  Not this day I knew something was blocked... As per normal I frantically search each and every place I could think of for answers, I turned to the DailyOM,  I mostly find something that covers my feelings, and of course there were several topics, 
'Finding my Tribe' was one...

I have found sisterhood here on-line, I do consider these women to be part of 'my tribe' but still there is a lack! A physical presence is what I lack, a tangible tribe, to sit with awhile... most of my tribe are faraway overseas, if I had wings I would fly over!  The people I come into contact with on a daily basis, even my fellow yoga sisters, who I have a spiritual bond with do not share my passion for the 'intuitive arts' and when I talk about my 'blog' there is a hush, a silence, like I'm speaking a foreign language!  

I was reading an article in my frantic search yesterday to find intuitive artists, about someone who had left London to live and practice their art in Sweden, because he felt there was a void here in the UK, that whilst conceptual art is very acceptable in the capital, when it came to putting in applications for residencies etc, he had to refrain from speaking about intuitive art in order to win a contract!

My own background of study was more focused on the conceptual, thinking things through and documenting everything prescriptively.  Earlier this year I joined a local art group but due to my broken ankle was not able to continue, but I did not feel at ease in this group, they were again 'focusing on technique', straining with perfection I felt!

This morning I awoke with a fresh feeling, I know there are sisters out there living on this same land mass who have the same desires as I have, to meet and share, I have added a few possibilities to my 'Bliss List', I'm going to keep searching! 

I would dearly love to meet with these 'kin-folk' so I'm sending out my signal!


Introverted Art said…
Foxy, be certain you are not alone. Many sisters are sharing the journey with you. The journey is not a lonely one. It is filled with our hopes, our desires, and are we share this power, this energy with you.
rebecca said…
good morning "little bud"

to have wings indeed! i know so well that feeling of longing for your tribe. of finding the deepest renewing connections in the blog world with women who may never meet face to face who share inspiration, camaraderie, belonging and joy. i too would love a meeting place that allowed us all to be together!
this has been a summer of immersion for me. i have hardly spent time connecting through blogs, checking in on all my tribe, and i see that i need to do so, i do not want to miss your signal, i want to be right here when you are reaching out.
i hope you can feel me know!
perhaps you could use facebook to set up an intuitive arts page for england and see who responds?
i read of stephanie and her painting group and i think ah, i want to live in that neighborhood! have you read the latest on their creation of "pop up art?"
i think this should be a world wide movement!
perhaps you could start something like that in your town, and i in mine.
its a recent post so go to the mango studio and read about this BRILLIANT idea!!

until then know you are in my heart always!


Unknown said…
"he had to refrain from speaking about intuitive art in order to win a contract"

really? i this day and age? how sad that is.

well, i hope you know i'm here.perhaps one day over a cuppa :

as a very private person, finding my soul-sisters online has been perfect. but there still lives a little niggle desire within me, rightly or wrongly, that to have a soul-sister at cuppa-meeting distance would be gold.

but of course, without the internet existing, i never would have known the support i do now.

oh, love that double-exposure.
Lea said…
Dearest Sue... I too have felt my moorings broken loose... I've come to recognize that for some reason, the people I'm closest to are mostly far away... I do have two friends, very close by, and I do not take them for granted... they are indeed two birds in my tribe, but they are very busy in their own lives and our encounters are not all the time. I recognize that right now, my bigger tribe seems to be in cyber space... for some reason... this solitude is important, and I try to remember that when I feel this ache of loneliness... you must know that I do not mind in the least being alone, but there is a difference in being OK by oneself and feeling that huge giant open void, and wanting to share that language with an other, in person, without having to explain or being awkward... Do not give up on your signal going out, remember, sometimes it takes a while for the response, but once it is out into this big, vast and beautiful universe, the response is already on the way back to you. I am so glad to have this connection with you here and also thank you for the update on your daughter. It is lovely to visit you here Sue. Much love, Lea

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