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Pat a cake, pat a cake,
a present from Queen of the Heavens,
quickly savour the moments
before she drenches them with rain drops,
 washes them away!

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Unknown said…
oh how sweet they look!

we heard there was snow even in the midlands. wow.
here we have got the tail-end of it in the form of cloudy skies and a chill in the air.
Unknown said…
How wonderful for a bit of snow.
(for me it's perfect when it doesn't last for very long...I'm not a "snow" person)
Glad you got a taste of it,
even if the rains quickly took it.
Meri said…
Little snow cakes! I think I'll sip my cup of tea and be thankful I'm indoors and cozy.
Unknown said…
That was a most amazing photo. Had to read the comments to realize what they were. What a joy to share with you today. Blessings

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