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Morning has Broken

Yesterday the black dog came to visit me,
the same black dog who 
used to visit Winston Churchill.

When my daughter came around, she could 
see the black dog had turned up too and 
that I was completely at his mercy.
She made her leave with
a simple kiss and goodbye, 
"hope he goes soon",
I nodded in agreement.

For when he's around he completely 
demands my attention and there's
no shaking him loose!

On retiring I sternly told the black dog
I didn't understand the reason for his visit
and that I thought I had sat with
him for long enough 
and to be gone in
the morning!
I've not seen him so far, this morning
thank goodness
It is the beginning of a brand new day, 
I am grateful for each day of my life... 
 I was at a funeral on Friday, 
to say we'd anticipated a sad day
all turned out most beautifully....
my favourite hymn was sung
'Morning has Broken'
On this brand new day I'm sitting here
tapping the keys with the white dog 
on my desk top being so very

sending to
Postcards from Paradise
Recuerda mi Corazon 
 straight form life!


rebecca said…
good morning steadfast believer in new beginnings! welcome to one simple moment and then, to the next. to favorite songs, and daughter's visits, to ponds electric with light, to singing out beyond the arrival of unexpected dark dogs.
let's walk slowly and bow deeply.
let's stand in the eternal light and
Charlotte said…
I'll shoo the dark dog away from you Mummy

gma said…
Don't feed the black dog and maybe he will stay away. <3
Hello Sue,
I was beginning to wonder if the black dog wasn't a metaphor for some of the sadness you have been feeling lately rather than a real animal. I derived that from your saying he was the same one who used to visit Winston Churchill. Whether it is true or no, his presence seems to have upset you, reminded you of the funeral and so many things that have crowded in to gain your attention lately. I am glad that your favorite hymn was sung in church this morning. I am glad that Morning broke for you and I am truly happy that the white dog whom you love and who doesn't demand so much of you is accompanying you while you send your post to your blog family.
Much love,
Very interesting post, Sue and I'm assuming the black dog is depression. Now I actually have a real black dog with white markings and when I rescued her they told me they have a really hard time placing black dogs. Have to do some research on that. Hope you feel better and better.
Anonymous said…
sending you
pink mornings
full of the glow
of new promise
new beginnings
and the blush of sweetness
the taste of chocolate and honey
and the soft amber tones
of candlelight...

sweet dreams,

xox - eb.
somepinkflowers said…
that black dog!
sometimes he can seem 2 B a wolf
our dreams!!!

{{ when he comes here,
up from the cellar,
i make sugar cookies
and take my time decorating them
with fine sprinkles
and icings of ever hue...
then i eat some
and go try on cowgirl boots
over at
The Tractor Supply!
when i get home
black dog is gone...}}
rebecca said…
perhaps this invitation will chase the black dog away!!!

i wanted to let you know my invitation for twelve days of mary is waiting for you and everyone at recuerda mi corazon. i so enjoyed each of your offerings last year and hope you will join me once more to share the heart of mary!
Irene Rafael said…
Oh, that darn black dog balanced by the white dog on your lap and the promise of a new morning. Sending you hugs over the airways and a wish for more new beginnings.
xxo Irene

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