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Moody - Me?

You know I'm one for these
moody sunset images
don't you?

This is not just any old sunset view though!

It's the most beautiful sunset view ever?
 The beginning of our very own pond,
not only will it be a haven
for wildlife,
but a saver of domestic animals  too!
I mean us.
This pond will be an overflow area 
for when our stream floods and hopefully
it will fill this bowl and not our home!

Actually it is quite exciting,
I dare not think about it too much,
it's huge, takes almost all of our field.
The National Trust are paying for it as part of a
larger flood defense project, but the pond is
situated on our property, we would have
never been able to afford anything like this.
The possibilities are endless, we
could float a boat on it!


Like the image and just thinking about this pond. Enjoy it's beauty and growth my friend.

Susie Clevenger said…
What a marvelous shot!! Enjoy your pond it will have many things to see and bring many memories!
Dawn Elliott said…
I grew up on a piece of property in upstate New York with a pond on it - what stellar memories I have of my childhood there! It is huge...I'm excited for you!
Rosie said…
Tell you what Sue... it's about time, isn't it? 12 years? OMG.
I'm wondering if you could ask the EA to add some fish to it and that might make your property even more attractive! They fund stuff like that - so if the concept appeals to you, feel free to contact me and I'll get you contacts!
Unknown said… wonderful! to have a pond on your property. Besides the help with flooding the wildlife that will come should make for many many years of beautiful images and memories!

Miss Robyn said…
I had a small pond in my old home - and dragonflies came.. and frogs. I was in heaven
rebecca said…
my darling....
i am an ocean girl. i grew up next to the sea and all my moves took me up the coast to wilder views in northern california.

family matters set in motion my land locked move to the mountains of prescott, az. the two ponds right outside our doors and favorite windows are my solace. now i will think of you on the cusp of such beauty as i drink in the peace of light falling on the face of ponds.

i am so happy for you and the foxes!

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