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I'll Never Forget ....

Mixed media art
in honour of the 'special ones' 
gone before.

William my father, called me his little buddy,
 loved by all for his wicked sense of humour,
his roguish ways, generous spirit,
not a day goes by that
I don't think about
his parting night,
the glint in
his eye said
 'I love you little buddy'.


Beautiful Alice my mother, 
doting mother,
always there to say
 'there there'
 she loved Roses chocolates,
 ground coffee on Sunday
and totally in love
with my dad.


Eric special friend,
a big cuddly bear of a man,
aware of his spiritual need,
caring and comforting, always in my heart. 
Must be with God 
 he talked about him endlessly
and, his lovely wife Freda
remembered fondly

Joining in with friends, honouring those gone before ~


Recuerda mi Corazon
Mango Studio


audrey said…
Hi Sue.
What a beautiful work of art you've made in memory of lost loved ones. The few words you've written about each one are so touching and say so much about them ~ beautiful words honoring beautiful people.
I became involved in this Day of the Dead celebration because I lost my dear brother last Fall. It has been so very helpful to me.
It is nice meeting you, Sue.
♥ audrey
somepinkflowers said…

this takes my breath away.
you are splendid
in your memory sharing...

we are the fortunate ones,
are we not.

to have so many
who live Strongly
on in our heart...

Dawn Elliott said…
Such loving and touching rememberences of your loved ones on this magical day...truly beautiful!
Unknown said…
Each special tribute, so beautiful in your words and sentiment. The collage is beautiful and will remind you of your sitting down with your mom and dad and friends and thinking deeply about them every time you look at it.
thank you so much for joining us today.
Unknown said…
a beautifully personal way to remember them.
GlorV1 said…
What a wonderful way to remember your loved ones. I like how you personalized each one. Very nice. Thank you for sharing.
Cheryl said…
Your tribute to family and friends is lovely.
Beautiful work of art honoring loved ones. Thank you for sharing your loved ones memories with us.
I just love your commemorative art piece, Sue. The colors are so incredibly vivid. I'm still in the early stages of "arthood" and wonder if you would e-mail me the details of how you created this? Also, are these acrylics, and if so, what colors or combos did you use? I also love the stories of those you remember. That's what I hope to begin tonight when I sit with my loved ones by the ofrenda.
Queenie Believe said…
Beautiful art and beautiful words commemorating your loved ones. Thank you for sharing your memories.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie
Helen Campbell said…
What a beautiful piece in memory of your loved ones. Your words touch my heart. Thanks for sharing.
gma said…
Such sweet words of love to honor your special ones. Namaste
rebecca said…
i decided to wait until night fall with candles light to begin my journey from on honoring to the next.
thank you sue for giving me the honor of hearing the voices of love in your life.

my heart is with you, and yours.
Your memories are powerful...and poignant...

The Veil Is Thin
Annie Jeffries said…
Aww, Sue, this is one of the loveliest hommages to beloved passed souls I've ever seen. You inspire me to do something similar. God bless you. Annie
Sue; thanks for sharing your memories with the rest of us. I also enjoyed the photos below of the car in the drive way; but saddened to read of your daughters illness. Hopefully there are answers and results by this point in time?
Miss Robyn said…
beautiful Sue - a lovely colourful artwork in tribute to some very special people in your life xo

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