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Haiku my Heart #42 - Shine on

t'was just a sparkle
peeping through the blacks and grey
it filled my whole eye ....

My daughter's car stands motionless on our drive,
she is in hospital with severe stress symptoms.
It has been a dark week,
yesterday I noticed a sparkle reflecting
off of her car through my window.
She's been rattling up and down the motorway
for the last year everyday to
the job she loves and is fighting hard to keep.
The car had so many rattles, now fixed by my love,
it's washed, polished and resting-up
waiting for her return.

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Rosie said…
Severe stress syndrome sounds awful Sue... I do hope she gets good care till she can come home.
I think your photos and accompanying haiku are lovely, soulful too. Your poor DD and poor you too - we all went through something very similar earlier this year - it was the most debilitating and emotional time of our lives. They say "that that don't kill you, makes you stronger", don't they?
It's true, painful and a drawn-out process... Best wishes - =)
Lovely haiku and photos. Hoping your daughter recovers soon! My best. Cathy
Unknown said…
that's just awful Sue. it's one of those things we leave and leave and struggle to take care of, because we don't see stress as medical. i know i've had my momemnts over the eyars and it's virtually impossible to explain to loved ones let alone employers.

anyway, sending health vibes to her.

lovely shots - dark moments, light of hope...
Marit said…
Thinking of you and your daughter Sue... wishing you all well and sending good vibes and more sparkles your way!
somepinkflowers said…

so difficult to think
we would not notice the Bright
without the Dark.

do you think it is true?
that only by contrast
do we really See?
that only through hardness
can we appreciate the soft?

i can never figure it out...

one sparkle can do so much
and soon i hope you see
in your daughter's eyes...

{{ chronic depression
is a dragon that lives
in my family's basement...
i thank god
our foundation is firm,
our roof is sturdy,
i love our home
i do not give up
even one room.}}
Helen Campbell said…
What a lovely haiku and beautiful photos. I hope your daughter recovers quickly. She's blessed to have you.
Stephanie said…
The images are so very hauntingly beautiful, and the spark of light...I hope this spark is your daughter rounding the curve from her depression.
Nanka said…
Work and rest are important parts of our lives, and balance has to be maintained!! Hope your daughter is well soon!!
Wishing you the very best!!
Dawn Elliott said…
Sometimes that little spakle is all that we need to truly know that our hopes and prayers will answered. Such a beautiful and thoughtful haiku...
peggy gatto said…
Sending my get well wishes.
I found the photos beautiful and then the haiku which tells a different story!
Take care
Susie Clevenger said…
My heart goes out to your daughter and to you...may that sparkle bring light into your life...may the sparkle shine on...nice haiku and phtos
Queenie Believe said…
Amazing imagery.
My thoughts and prayers for healing to surround your daughter and gentle peace to you.
Always, Queenie
Annie Jeffries said…
I pray that with returned health, your daughter will be able to make the changes needed to help her maintain serenity in her life.
rebecca said…
dear friend,
i love that the reflection of your daughters car cast light into your home and heart. i think of the light of her inner force propelling herself forward. i love too that you mentioned the hands of your love polishing and protecting your daughters vehicle. and you channeling it all towards her healing.
so much love and support for wholeness. so many glimmers of perfect light.
Carola Bartz said…
Sue, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope that she can recover soon - so often we don't take stress symptoms seriously. In my eyes it's really sad where your work can lead to, especially when you love it. I'm glad that you are there for her, and I hope she is healing. This is a hard time for you. I'll be thinking of you.
Such beauty in the sparkle of light on a waiting car. I hope your daughter recoups quickly. Life is just so darned hard sometimes.
Small things loom large in the receptive eye...

Haiku your heart here or here
Dearest Sue,
I am so sorry that I have been away from everyone's blogs or I would not have missed that this was happening with you and your family. I love that you have been using your photography and your blog in such a heartfelt and expressive way to work through this very difficult period. These small acts of love and devotion, the glimmers and sparkles of light within the shadows and dark night of the soul are what help us to hold on. This energy is transmitted to those we love as well. I truly believe that. You have a beautiful heart.
Much Love to you and your daughter,

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