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Haiku my Heart #17 Longer Days

Longer days Looming
Resurrection Revealing
The Heavenly Host

Recuerda mi Corazon
for beautiful haiku poetry


Spadoman said…
Heavenly host indeed. Nature singing the praises in these photos. Longing for the sunshine and flowering of the world up here in the northern hemisphere. I can feel your enthusiasm. It's contagious.

Peace Ms. Foxy, you are a gem amongst stones.
rebecca said…
dear sue,
you are awakening my heart with such long arms of promise and beauty. i too feel my heart expand as the days grow longer. your photographs fill me with gratitude for the beauty of all things.
a heavenly host that feeds the soul and satisfies the heart.

thank you sue for your place in my heart.
Unknown said…
How I adore these browns rusts and blues...and then the pop of yellow.

Brightens my soft white world.
Nanka said…
Eden!!... and complete calm bliss and peace!! Loved the colors spring up !!
Meri said…
Queen Anne's lace is so simple and elegant. It's one of my favorites.
Dearest Sue,
There are so many resurrections in our lives, ones of body, of mind, of heart and spirit, all having to do with seasons, relationships and desire for balance. Your lovely images all lead us upward toward that great Hosanna that is Spring ~ a rejuvenation of all our deeply rooted dreams.
Grammy said…
I love the peacefulness and beauty in both your photos and words. : )
Hi Sue Fox~ This is lovely and full of the earth's wisdom: the days are getting longer, dormant seeds and bulbs are beginning to break through the crust of the earth, and voila! Another season is born! Thank you & love, Margaret

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