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Winter's Bare Beauty

For a while I lived surround by trees ...
I used to lay bewitched on my bed
 of a summer's evening,
 bewitched by the beautiful Silver Birch,
she would beckon to me 
through my bedroom window
rustling her delicate leaves in the breeze,
enticing me to gaze at her elegant,
 silvery slim form,
gracefully bending hither which way
 as the wind directed.
It was a spiritual thing!
Lately I am revering trees even more ...
driving home at dusk,
down my lane,
 the tunnel of arched ancient trees,
beautiful bare branches,
 silhouetted against the evening sky,
I suddenly became aware,
I seemed to
be enveloped by their presence 
a feeling of intimacy came over me, 
I began to sense a close 
Today, I'm sighing ... soon these
beautiful, bare beings will be busy in their busy-ness
of manufacturing spring adornment ....

.... the change must take place,
they must transform,
we all do!

Rebecca speaks about change,
the cycles of life ...
stumbling towards ecstasy
Recuerda mi Corazon


Annie Jeffries said…
Good morning, Sue. I remember years ago living above a garage. The view from my bed was the canopy of majestic pine trees that sheltered the house. They were such a comfort during that confusing time of my life. At night they were black shadows against a blue/black night sky, the stars bright and hard, no city light drowning their brilliance.
Carola Bartz said…
Sue, these pictures are breath taking! I love trees, especially the winter trees against a great sky (just the way you captured them!), but I also love them with their "coat" on and see all their change through the seasons. I'm still dreaming about a tree in front of our house...
deb did it said…
this is such a beautiful post...we ALL have tree stories....and one of my favorite books is by Shel Silverstein "The Giving Tree". Thank you for this well written laced with beautiful photos!
Sue Dear,
This is stunningly beautiful. I am reminded of one of Mary Oliver's poems by the way you are speaking of the spiritual nature of trees here, and isn't it interesting that a couple of your photographs seem to focus on three trees which is a spiritual number. They are beautiful and you images convey the intimacy you feel. Thank you for sharing this lovely post.
Meri said…
Sue - may you long find shelter in their overarching branches, may you be serenaded by the birds singing in their canopy, may they always speak to your tender heart.
rebecca said…
my darling,

i love it when you share the images and thoughts that seep into your open heart. you are a magnificent vessel for beauty and pondering. you are the lover in the throws of fascination, wanting to see nature in every season, every light.

thank you for slipping me warmly beside you to share such ecstasy. like these trees that circle you, you are a great and strong blessing in my life.
rebecca said…
dear sue...come back, i have linked the word "another" you will know the wearer of the perfect white dress!

Trees have wisdom...if we listen...
Miss Robyn said…
how did i miss this post?
I love trees. I adore them. they are my friends, my comforters, my protectors. there for me always.. from the time I was little to now.
I can remember once, a few years ago, riding on the back of our Harley through an avenue of tall mountain ash.. they welcomed me and spoke to me.. a lovely, lovely post..
ps - when I was little, I would sit on the end of my bed... looking out the window at the stars, wondering just why I was 'here' :)
Kat Sloma said…
If we didn't have winter, we wouldn't be able to see the beautiful shape of the trees. This is a gift to us, thanks for sharing it today.

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