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Colour Me Happy

I've been thinking about colour a lot lately, I'm very fond of bright, bold colours.  I'm equally as fond of soft, subdued colours.  Looking out on the garden everyday I'm noticing  as one bloom dies another one appears in a different splash of colour.  It makes me think about  Monet, how his sight failed him in later years, how frustrated he became as a painter.  I can feel his loss!

So today I'm posting these pics as my happy post for the sheer joy of seeing colour. I'm celebrating seeing colour!

Have a wonderful, colourful, happy week to all of you.
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nadia said…
ditto! beautiful photos! ciao!
Ginny said…
Your pictures are beautiful. It is so much fun to share what makes us happy each week. It also reminds me that happiness can be found in so many different things. Color being one of them.
Have a great week.

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