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Well! Would you Christmas Eve Believe!

Hi everyone, hope you've all had lots of 'happy' this week, I certainly have, been away again to the coast in the old chariot, our comfy, cosy camper van, BTW she's 22 years old and still going strong!  She came into our life after a whole year of searching.  We were looking for something to take our boys Dougal & Jasper on holiday in.  Initially we were after a younger model but none of them appealed until we stepped inside this old lady, we immediately fell in love with her and at home, so my love set to and made her even more lovely - but that's for another post, on with the happy.....
Arriving at our holiday destination before we had chance to set-up camp 'Buggy Babe' (as we've affectionately named her) came racing down the field in her little electric car for our pitch rent, we'd been here before so we knew the routine! Normally on most other sites you go to reception to register and do all the paper work, not here! The moment anyone's wheels pass the office she sets off in chase of payment, anyway after negotiating the price I went indoors to get my bag with purse and to my horror the purse wasn't there!!!  "Can I pay by card" I asked,  "cash or cheque" she replied with a stern stance, "oh better check my bag again" I said having a vague memory of paying for something by cheque many moons ago, panic seized me again as I frantically searched through all the bag pockets giving a sigh of relief as I fumbled upon it, my anxiety dissipated slightly,  she will let us stay!

 Anyways next thing I phoned my daughter to look through the house for said purse, she returned the 'no purse here' text, 'hunted high and low'!  Major panic ensued once more but it was too late to do anything so I decided I would try to sleep, things would look better in the morning, it's nothing I can't handle thinking of the worst case scenario!!!

Next morning while I sat out in the glorious sunshine gathering my thoughts and what to do!  My love gave an almighty shriek!!! "Come and look here".............

Would you ever believe! We had travelled three hours and parked overnight, lo and behold ....!

The funny thing was, I thought how rude some of the motorists on the road had been pipping and signing at us as they had overtook the old girl!  Not realising till that moment what a good view they'd had of said purse on bike rack by driving slowly behind the old lady till they could pass!!!

Life is not always happy as my photo story shows in the previous post, but quite often things can end on a mysteriously happy note, miracles do happen!

BTW We haven't got a name for the old lady yet can you think of one? Can I enlist your your help?A closer inspection may be required? Will post later?

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gina said…
Really amazing --how far did you drive with your purse there? That was a happy outcome! Glad it all worked out. Enjoy your weekend!
Monkey Mind said…
It is so stressful to misplace a purse. I've gone into almost blind panic when I can't find mine- call the credit card companies! How much cash was in there! All my ID -I'll have to spend the rest of my life proving who I really am! And then, whew!, there it is. You were very lucky indeed. I breathed a sigh of relief for you at the end of the post. Happy Friday!
WrightStuff said…
Ha! That's so funny! Fancy driving all that way and it staying so safe. Well, at least you found it. Reminds me of those stories of drivers who find cats sleeping in their engines after a 100 mile trip!!
Jamie Ridler said…
Wow, that is amazing! How wonderfully lucky - and a wonderful tale! I love the way your pictures took us on a journey too. :)
Kat Sloma said…
What a perfect photo essay! Thanks so much for participating in Exploring with a Camera. I loved this story! How lucky you were. What relief!

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