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The Dark Path

Luminous stalwarts
light the darkened path before,
love's surrounding me...

I'm not sure if I've used this image before but no matter I love it so I'm going to put my spin on it today.  What it is throwing up for me, how it expresses my mood, how it serves as a tool for meditation and the creative flow.  Yes this is the great thing about fine art photography it becomes a medium for self-expression at any time...
 From personal meditation and visiting wise words on-line this inspirational phrase keeps circulating in my head "we are exactly where we need to be in the moment".  This concept is not something new to me I came across it a while ago, the notion of being exactly where I need to be at any given moment in my life! Previously I'd always thought I had or should have control over my life and therefor could work things out, my destiny was self-made. Nowadays I realize just how little control we really have...
What the picture throws up today ~
As you may realize it is a water reflection of dark woodland but the trees are illuminated. You might feel a little disorientated as the picture is upside down!  This up-side down feeling is one I am only too familiar with since I lost my partner, my world is so topsy-turvy, I feel like the old ricocheting screen saver (if anyone can remember it?) I'm all over the place with little stable ground to tread on as I try to make serious decisions about my future.
The image though is speaking to me, that yes I am maybe walking through a 'dark night of the soul but, I am actually 'where I need to be' at this hour and not alone. The stability of the large strong trees is reassuring me of their protective presence, their luminosity surrounds me with light, supplying me with what I need for the journey, strengthening and lighting my pathway. 

Sending my haiku to ~

Haiku my Heart
Recuerda mi Corazon 


Lea said…
I often wonder about those of us who have had the world go topsy-turvey... I walk through this world some days feeling as if I am missing body parts or watching strange words come out of my mouth... things that aren't visible to the passerby... the disorientation in the photo becomes crystal clear in your writing... and I feel an equilibrium settle into the pit of my stomach... Thank you for these beautiful words and image, they are indeed luminous and fill me with love and gratitude for our connection... XO
gma said…
I often fill love where there is light.
This is lovely.
Annie Jeffries said…
I suppose an unwanted divorce (way back in my youth) qualifies as topsy-turvy but certainly not quite the same thing. I'm so glad you are finding strength for your journey; it will make the road shorter, as long as it needs to be, but, shorter nonetheless. Bless you.
Gillena Cox said…
ah yes to let go of the topsy turvy and embrace the light, a good place to be

have a nice weekend

much love...
Anonymous said…
beautiful thoughts...exquisite image...
Unknown said…
I've not been in your place but have spent a couple of topsy turvy weeks with my husbands latest close each and every one of us is to that place of uncertainty. Yes, yes yes to being just where we need to be at this moment...and savoring it.

Beautiful image! Evokes peace for me... Glad to see your creative expressions of your process as you pass through this passage.... <3C
Nonnie said…
thank you for your beautiful explanation- as I gazed at your image, I thought that this was a reflection- wonderfully enhanced. It's been ten years since I was in a fog with my husband no longer at my side I admit that I was in a fog for months. There is no set time line for mourning, and hopefully no one in your life will expect that of you. God bless you, may knowing that the Lord is beside you at all times and may Our Blessed Mother lend you support.
payal agarwal said…
Beautiful and inspiring words. One thing I love about abstract photographs is everytime we visit them, we find some new meanings. Loved your haiku.:)
rebecca said…
dearest sue,
sometimes...arriving late is its own reward. time to reflect on your sacred heart and the gift of all those who have rested here before me leaving their love. your courage shines bright even through life's darkest hours. i love you.
Cat said…
hello lovely!
this image speaks to me of winter
it speaks to me of going inward and being still with my self

and you are so right
we are exactly where we need to be at any given moment
this I truly believe

good to "see" you sister

love and light
Turn The Page said…
Have you made it through the darkness into the light? There is great peace here with DIVINE LOVE! Aloha.
Turn The Page said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
joanna said…
Yes, you seem to be in a good place - judging by your explanation of the image.
May some of this ooze my way - I could do with some calm equilibrium at the minute.

hidden in mist
my core-calm gone AWOL
leaving me empty


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