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Language of Flowers

Say it with flowers,
pure essence of expression
love's distillation...

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Haiku my Heart
Recuerda mi Corazon


Kim Mailhot said…
I recently read a book called "the Secret Language of Flowers". The book was so so but the parts about flowers and their meanings was fascinating.
This rose has a lot to say!
Happy Friday, Sue!
Stephanie said…
oh yes to Kim...I read that book recently too...

how very interesting to read the Victorian era thoughts on different flowers, one of my favorites, the lowly sunflower did not fare well.

This post takes my breath away!!! WOW!! The rose is exquisite and the words so tender! Wishing you well! Cathy
Anonymous said…
Wow. An incredible rose photo along with exquisite words.
rebecca said…
my darling,
i have been away from the world of computers and on my return i am so swept away with the new vision of your blog. gorgeous larger than life beauty!
i adore you and hope you and yours are safely held in the wings of angels.
Lea said…
Dear Sue, I love this haiku and your rose radiates all the way across the pond to me here in the late evening, a light that draws me in and fills my heart with beauty...
J C said…
Beautiful haiku tribute to Mother Nature's finest.
carol l mckenna said…
Gorgeous photography and lovely haiku ~ carol, xxx
gma said…
I am in awe,feeling joy in the beauty of this single rose.
Laura said…
This is gorgeous and would be wonderful to share with I Heart Macro tonight (Saturday)

I do hope you'll participate in the Gratitude Quilt this year… information about what it is and how to participate can be found @ this link

If I already asked you and you sent me something, please forgive me for asking again. I'm trying to reach as many people as possible. I don't use last names and so when I look at the quilt so far and see the same first name more than once I'm not certain if it was from you or someone else with the same name.
Annie Jeffries said…
Attar of roses
Capturing for beguilement
A touch on heat. Breathe.
peggy gatto said…
Magnificent is a good word to describe this beauty!!!

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