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Haiku Meditation Practice

Rest on a haiku,
drawing from deep still water,
float on the ether...

I have come to appreciate the art of haiku as a meditative practice,
the benefits are similar to meditation as a means for calming the mind.

My own process ~

Search through my image files until I connect with my intuition (deeper knowing),
I sit with the image for awhile, I do not struggle for words, I wait until they surface!
Whether they fit in with recognized traditional haiku formula or not
 is secondary to the intention ~

Align the Divine, connect to the stillness within, allow for flow ~
a peace inducing practice.

And of course I promote this peaceful practice
by sharing the love with ~

Haiku my Heart
Recuerda mi Corazon

By Note ~  Having participated in this Haiku my Heart gathering for about 3 years now as a means of connecting with like minded lovelies, this morning I came to a whole new realization, a new way of thinking about this tradition.
I attuned to the import, the full significance of this practice, it had not dawned on me until today ~
Yesterday was a full-on-day, my head was swimming with chatter from a meeting between my group of yoga buddies and me, there had been an upset in the camp, where our peaceful gathering had been violated, perhaps unwittingly but nevertheless the outcome was a painful one and painful in another sense that the group felt at a loss as to handling this complex problem in a yogic way!  I find this intensity hard to deal with! This was all on my mind as I awoke this morning until I was able to rest into the pattern of haiku meditation, and it was at this point that I felt deep appreciation for this meditative practice, the way you can just sink into something soothing and peaceful,
that helps to put things into perspective.

This morning's aha moment has taken the haiku ritual to a whole new level!
I am grateful for nourishing practices such as this.


Gillena Cox said…
luv your image and haiku; have a nice Friday

much love...
It's true! If I allow the pictures and the words to envelop me the is a bit of meditation forming that can heal and medicate the soul. Thank you!!!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful feeling!
Laura said…
This is very much my practice, photographs help us to remember a sacred moment, inspire words to rise from the deep well of our being, guide us towards deeper gratitude.
gma said…
listening deeply
haiku rises from stillness
peaceful emergence
Spadoman said…
You have enlightened me. I never looked at my involvement with Haiku My Heart this way, yet your description of the practice is a definition of what I do. Thoughts of participating begin days before. How can I create this with my feelings intact enough to give to the readers. Wanting to share so completely. A mindful way to think about it. Thank you Ms. Foxy.

I am not familiar with the practice of the art of haiku - but you have certainly turned it into a meaningful experience, and a focused way to "connect" with that innermost Presence... Lovely... I love what you did with the photos too - reflecting that flow and serenity of your "connection."
Anonymous said…
Perfectly described! The meditative aspect of writing - haiku in particular- is healing to mind and body!
Annie Jeffries said…
A haiku is truly a lovely boat to float in.
Anonymous said…
Haiku is a meditation and your photography also ~ insights come gradually sometimes ~ glad you experience a special one today ~ thanks, carol, xxx
rebecca said…
dear sue,
thank you for sharing your lovely haiku and morning thoughts on your haiku process. i join you in realizing there is a rippling effect from giving oneself so thoughtfully to pairing down to the essence.
i have been so moved with my attraction to simplicity through the practice of writing haiku that for several years now i have consciously been giving away so many of my belongings. i allow this to happen intuitively too. suddenly i see something in my field of vision i love very much yet in that moment i am flooded with the thought of another and the realization that this "something" that has given me great happiness is now ready to bring happiness to another.
the response to these spontaneous gifts is heart warming.
i know you are speaking of a different kind of letting go, but truly it is all so sweet.

thank you for being a bright and soulful part of my every friday.
deb did it said…
I am moved.
Thank you for this moment.
I am happy to be here.
Mark said…
Resting on haiku certainly works for me!
Stephanie said…
How wonderful that this little cyber gathering can offer new insight into handling daily conflict. I appreciate your thoughts on this practice and how it connects us.

Anonymous said…
Love the way you describe your practice!
I too appreciate what you have shared, thank you for this gift. I've only been doing the haiku gathering for a few weeks now but I have noticed exactly what you describe, it truly is an art to strip away the excess in search of just a few words to describe what we are trying to convey.
Cat said…
Oh how I love this Sue...and even more so after reading your last
such a gift to see the truth that is...blessings

love and light
rebecca said…
my darling sue,
today marks December first and the beginning of my most favorite 12 posts of the year. as the days grow shorter and colder it is the warmth of sharing each day beginning with honoring the light of mother love in us all that warms our hearts.
i hope you will join in as your offerings also soften my heart.

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