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Digging for Gold

Yesterday my love and I went to the reclamation yard,
these places are big business over here in England.
We were looking for some paving stones, 
old ones in keeping with our old

We have a huge driveway that is full of weeds.
When our property was flooded in 2007
the beautiful gravel drive that my love
had spent many hours constructing
ended up in the brook, 
the flood just swept it all away.

We have not been able to afford
for a company to restore a 
more permanent drive, 
one which would not be swept away 
should we have another flood.

We searched  the yard for old concrete slabs for the drive,
which our budget might run to, old stone pavers being very expensive,
but the yard didn't have any, on our search I noticed 
some reclaimed building stones which are very 
valuable too, at this point
in my mind I was feeling very 
sorry for my love, knowing he must have seen them too,
for I know he would dearly love to build a stone wall to help keep the floods out!

(The bridge at the far end of this photo shows the stream had risen about 8 feet!)

At this point my mantra flashed before me ~
'what I need will be there in the moment'

Not exactly in 'that moment' but the day after,
Lo & behold ~
for some reason  my love started 
to examine an area of ground that he
thought was unusually raised, this is what he found ~
PURE GOLD, not exactly, but as good as!

These stones are worth a small FORTUNE,
now we may be able to build the wall!
I'm a strong believer in intuition!

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Gold is where you find it and treasures are found when least expected. Wonderful post! Wishing you well! Cathy
Unknown said…
wow, those are an amazing find! so so happy for you guys.

even in MN where the stone is plentiful, it's still expensive. our stone house was possible only from stone off our land.
Meri said…
What a tribute to listening to that inner voice and trusting that all manner of things will be well. I hope the strength of the stone will turn back the waters if there's another flood.
Unknown said…
I am a firm believer in your philosophy of our needs being met in everything we need. I have to admit for myself I sometimes get impatient. But in actually it never fails. One must be totally aware that can happen. Blessings Love your cottage.
Stephanie said…
I too believe in putting our wishes out the! that was fast and so very precisely what was needed...what a find, what a beautiful place you hopes too that this will keep the flood waters at bay!
joanne said…
wow, I actually saw sunshine in England! sorry about the flooding, but that wall is a winner.....It's funny how if we don't fret over something, it just turns out okay...
Introverted Art said…
wow, my husband might be flying over to mine in your driveway ;-)
Unknown said…
Lovely stones.
I built a stone seating area a few years ago...
it's like working a puzzle.
Yours will be great, and how wonderful you had the stones all the time!
Anonymous said…
wow...what an amazing find. and to discover a possibility from the Universe, that's truly magical.
Rosie Gan said…
So happy for you. Thanks for sharing the joy. I felt it.

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