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Do You Believe?

Do you believe?
Believe in the moment?
Believe in the power of the moment?
All of those words
where did they go I asked?
those wise words,
those very wise words?
I wanted to organise them,
to keep them secure,
I didn't want to lose them,
they were so precious.
I felt insecure for fear of losing
those words,
for fear of maybe losing myself?
My hard earned self?
I became confused,
lost and afraid!
What was I to do I wondered?
I knocked on my door, 
I asked, what to do?
A small voice whispered
'believe in the power of the moment',
I listened, I believe!

These are my musings on
 taking in information,
on absorbing things that resonate with me, 
that they go down into the well springs
 and remain there until needed?
Until needed to be drawn upon.
I have been feeling an inclination
 to trust lately,
to trust that what is needed will be there in the moment?

What do you believe?

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Annie Jeffries said…
I love this particular post, Sue. I absolutely believe this as well. I reach out looking for insight and awareness and other ways of seeing things all the time. I save (literally save on a notepad on my desktop) the things I find, either from within myself or outside of myself and look at them from time to time. Sometimes I actually write my own musings from these meaningful reminders.

My guiding word this year is "focus" and this discipline actually aids in my belief that what I need at any particular moment will actually be there for me to use - with purpose.
Carola Bartz said…
Oh, Sue, this is so difficult to answer. What do I believe? This has been pretty shaken up this year with all that has happened. However, it also made me really believe in the power of love, the power of kindness. Wise words, yes - if they resonate with me.
I believe that pictures - or the mood in a picture - can resonate with people, set free some feeling, a certain memory, a yearning. Like the pictures you showed here. They are very beautiful and get right down to the soul.
rebecca said…
your blog has a new type of crystal clarity. it catches the deep reflection of your thoughts, strivings,and the beauty of nature so perfectly. i love the way "reflection" in both outer and inner worlds is central to your heart.
even when you are looking closely at the fear of losing your way...your photographs are all tied up in serenity, peace, and soul beauty, and arrival.

you are reflective, run deep, your beauty is immediate, and you share your gifts so generously.


thank you for the grace that i have found here in your honesty.

i love you sue.
turquoise cro said…
O YES! Like Rebecca, I BELIEVE in YOU!!! This post brought me to tears for some unknown reason, maybe tears of JOY because I do BELIEVE!!!(((((Sue)))))))
Kat Sloma said…
Yes! I do believe. All of that which we encounter becomes part of us. It becomes the future that is realized. Lovely post. Your words really connected with me.
joco said…
Sue, girl, that is a re-reader if ever I saw one.
A re-re-reader, I'll keep it bookmarked.
Your photos are amazing. So subtle.
I don't want to trivialize the loss of words, as I have been through this quite recently, and it is devastating. Like losing a limb I suppose.
A very small change in diet actually made a vast difference, and I can now get by without dictionaries in every room.
Spadoman said…
This is insane. It's the third post this morning, (and fourth including my own), that speaks about just 'Being", or living in the now or the moment. There is peace there. I know, i have had the experience. I can't hold it and keep it forever, but I want to.
An Elder, a spirit man, once told me to speak and think with my heart and not my head. He also told me to not look back, as there is nothing back there, it is past. And not look forward, as we don't know the future. But to be right now, this breath. It is all we have and the answers to all you seek can be found this way .
Beautiful post Ms. Foxy.

More Peace
Meri said…
As I read the words, I realized the images also held the narrative.
Spadoman said…
Oh Ms. Foxy! First of all, I believe your camera is magic with you at the helm! Wonderful photos! I have suggested twice already today that Spring will be here soon enough and that Mother Earth still had things to show me. I also said that I'd look for things today. I saw magnificent mountain vistas and a bright sun making shadows in the crevaces and folds of the mountainsides. Those are the words. I didn't write them down, but I do remember what I saw.
Great stuff.

Dearest Sue,
We are of one soul lately you and I. My blogpost just before today was about being lost in the wood with Dante's quote and a film by David Whyte affirming that becoming lost is truly the beginning of the real journey when the real work is being done--the discovery of the soul and the heart in a new way that leaves one breathless in search of more discoveries, more journeys and much less afraid I suspect. Look at the beauty you have created here in your quest for Self (the capital S is so important). You have left us a trail of breadcrumbs all leading back to the beauty that is YOU. I am emailing you a link to a lovely poem by David Whyte called Mameen.
Love Always,
Anonymous said…
Yes I believe, yes I believe - Hot Chocolate told me to do so.....
Thanks for this very conceptual post. Great photos too.

Have a nice day, Boonie

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