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Weekend Revelations!

Weekend last was a beautiful weekend, not because I did anything special 
but I shared time with my daughter and 
our boys the mutts 
Dougal & Jasper.
We walked and talked and the best bit we laughed!

This is what chuckled me!
 In my daughter's own words !!!:-)

There was a power cut at work.  
Not a lot else to do so I looked in the book cupboard and found this book called 
The Answers (Neil Somerville) 

I was intrigued.  
The instructions in the Introduction said 
"quieten your mind and think over the want to address.  
With your question firmly in mind, close your eyes and open the book at your eyes and discover the response given".

So, having been single for a while now I asked probably the most important question on my mind...

"Will I fall in love again soon?" 

I followed the instructions and the book could have opened randomly at this page

or even this page

but, it actually opened at 

The only two blank pages in the entire book! ;)


Rochelle said…
Ohhhh mannnn...I guess you have to fill in the blank?!? ;->

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog today - I really appreciate it.

Kat Sloma said…
How interesting! I can't wait to see what you write there. :)
rebecca said…
ahhhh, you have been given the gift of writing your own story!
i hold you i LOVE!!!

in the mean time come haiku!
Rose said…
In runes there is one blank rune and it represents the unknown, unknowable, fate and karma... It is called Wyrd.

Only time can give you an answer on this one... I tend to think it means there are choices still to be made, not necessarily by you. Or that if your fate is written already in this, that you knowing would alter it somehow.

The guy might spill his coffee and decide to catch a later train... Or years before hand he might decide to give up coffee on a whim. Or if you knew there was a great love to come in your life, you might not give the guy in the coffee stained shirt on the train a second glance when he smiled at you....

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