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Remembering Chris

My haiku is in memory of a person I only knew as Chris.  
Acquainted from a distance but feeling a closeness and deep sense of sadness at her passing away. 
Not many words passed between us, nor were needed as the beautiful, unifying bond of yoga was our connection, and so it is fitting that I dedicate these few syllables to Chris, on the day of her funeral.

Bonded by Breathing
Harmonious in Movement
Namaste Sister


Spadoman said…
A beautiful tribute. This made me think of that saying that gets passed around from time to time. The one that says that some people come into our lives for a reason and some for a season, something like that. I am honored to know of such a person just byn your words. The photograph is beautiful and fits and is a perfect match. Namaste indeed.

Ramesh Sood said…

Yes, you touched my spirit.. I have often felt such bondings.. and I have always believed everything happens for a reason.. I have found myself on occasions to go and touch strangers telling them that we have met somewhere.. there has been some pull.. some appreciate.. some get surprised.. some smile back.. and me I simply cherish the moment.. Thank you for a wonderful tribute in memory of your spiritually connected friend.. you made my day.. sorry for a longer comment..
*jean* said…
the invisible bonds may be the most amazing part of this 21st centure life...may you memory be comforted by your breath today...i'm sorry for your loss
Anonymous said…
No other words needed.
Fine tribute on a sad day.
Anonymous said…
This is really touching. There is something powerful that happens in yoga practice - and whether you know the souls that surround in person or as a collective spirit - a loss is still felt if one falls. Thanks for this.
Kim Mailhot said…
This is really beautiful. You saw her shining soul and celebrated that. That is a beautiful thing.
peace to you...
Anonymous said…
This is a lovely tribute.

Best wishes, Boonie
Meri said…
Gently beautiful.
Lovely. So few words speak endlessly.

It is a beautiful idea to think that we are all bonded by our breathing. Pneuma is the word for breath and it means Spirit. It is a beautiful tribute you offer to someone with whom you felt a connection of spirit.
paper-n-soul said…
This is so beautiful... your words flow so smoothly and gently, like the breath itself. I'm sorry for your loss. What a lovely tribute to your friend.

rebecca said…
dear one,
thank you for sharing the beauty of chris, for breathing life into the power of love and appreciation.
your photograph is stunningly beautiful...revealing a deeper view into the essence of another.
may we all grace each others lives with our presence and memory.
EG CameraGirl said…
What a loely way to say goodbye.
Anonymous said…
by your words she who was a stranger becomes familiar in a way we can all understand... thank you... i think we forget how intimate breathing really is... there might not be another...
Vinay Leo R. said…
a very heartfelt tribute in just a few words!

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