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Story Telling Pictures

Intuitive take,
old stories and new stories
hangout together.

You can take hundreds of photographs easily on one trip of a life-time! Yet somehow, usually, there is  just one that becomes 'iconic' in that it can sum-up the whole experience, immediately transporting you back in time with all the thrill and vibe of that occasion.  This is the one! It was an intuitive flash of the moment take of my lovely daughter-in-law standing with shadow at the top of the Empire State building on our first day in New York.  I love the way she seems to be hanging and connecting with the story being told of the building's construction worker way back in time.  I love it also because it reminds me of Louisa's loving gesture, organizing our trip with her daughter Cathy to experience such a wonderful place....
Taking the story to another level by way of a Japanese 5~7~5 syllable haiku poem is fun and also a therapeutic brain awakener to start your Friday...
Joining Haiku my Heart ~
Recuerda mi Corazon


payal agarwal said…
What a lovely photograph. Perfect timing!
carol l mckenna said…
Wonderful haiku and photo ~ very beautiful message in both!

Happy Weekend to you,
artmusedog and carol
J C said…
What an awesome photo!
Nonnie said…
love when images can take us back to a warm moment in time
Annie Jeffries said…
Moments in time, crossing. Wonderful
Lea said…
It is as if the past is touching the now...
rebecca said…
dear sue,

i love knowing that we have been floating on the same continent! closer in miles than life has offered us-to date!

thank you for returning to the haiku circle with your touching photo catch of a life time!


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