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Going Home

As one good friend said about grieving, it's a time of "going within"
and that's where I've been within my shell, waiting for things
to naturally find their place, for my psyche to re-arrange.,
and now it's time to continue my story...

Today I am, as another good friend put it"tying up loose ends",
sifting and sorting getting ready for my new life...
The government have promised to buy my property after a year of negotiation
as they propose to build a new high speed train line just 100 yards from my front door!
They, like the rest of 'officialdom ' are taking their time and I am at the last hurdle,
learning much patience from this whole tortuous experience.
For one year to-date I have had to plow through many obstacles
during what must be the most painful time of grieving anyone can go through,
that of losing my life long partner! But as my love used to say
"it's an "ill wind that serves nobody any good" and,
actually it has been good for me in a strange kind of way, it has been a distraction albeit forced.
The fact I have 2 acres of land to tend as well as maintain the property in order for
the government to buy it has kept me physically busy on days when
I would rather stay put and just sit, and sit, wondering
what the hell is it all about?!!

Today I am waiting for the go-ahead and I am working in sweltering heat,
something we're not used to here in the UK, so I am glad for the rest on these keys.
I feel the need to return to this online space is an evidence I am returning to normal, or
as I said previously a 'new normal for me so I am documenting my journey.
I am recording the last days here at our beloved cottage not only for the memory
but for the wonderful way writing serves to satisfy something deep within the soul,
for the last five and a half years of documenting my life online
has been a source of great joy and of course
the feed back from other soul sisters
has been such a beautiful thing,
so it is natural that I continue my story here,
I feel like I am going home...

thoughts of going home
sparkling, like the morning dew
that light keeps shining.. 

This video is one inspirational work of art....

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thoughts of going home
sparkling, like the morning dew
that light keeps shining..

Incredibly beautiful!!! Hope that the "light keeps shining!" All my best!
rebecca said…
my darling friend across the sea,
welcome home. it has been a long circle round the sun. who can know the why or when except to give oneself in trust and remain open to the blooming that will always come in its perfect season. to have you here is a blessing straight to my heart. and so we meet again-defying time and distance to find renewal in the light of love!

and the love of light!


Anonymous said…
Beautifully written haiku.
Something to look forward to! Good for you!
carol l mckenna said…
Sending lots of distant healing reiki energy ~ losing your life long partner is a major shock to the system and now to lose your home you shared together is difficult ~ Yet, you seem to be persevering and moving on ~ Many blessings to you and lovely haiku ~ using your creativity is healing I think.

Happy Weekend,
Happy 4th of July to USA
artmusedog and carol
Gillena Cox said…
may the warmth of love follow you on your way home; have a good weekend

much love...
Lea said…
Love being here with you dear Sue... soaking up your words, they settle in different places within me... it is a strange thing how life distracts us just enough to touch what is untouchable. Sending love and support for these changes, and this coming home.

Much love to you.

Unknown said…
I am happy to be here to offer support and love. These changes are unfathomable but please know you are held dear in my heart and others.
gma said…
So good to see you back here my friend.
Our arms are open wide for you.
Annie Jeffries said…
I'm so glad i chose this time to return to Blogger. I think I would have missed you and your return trip had I stayed on Wordpress. This valley of a week has greeted me with some heights and your story is one of them.
Mark said…
Homeward is the best word!

The Region of Clouds
suzanne said…
i am with you, friend. in the sweltering heat (we are feeling it here too), in the packing up belongings and memories and the bittersweetness that conjures, in the unknown of what tomorrow will hold, in the process of it all....i am with you. and this lyric keeps playing through my thoughts "every new beginning is some beginning's end". one step at a time, trying to remain present and honor each feeling as it arises - as joyful, sad, anxious, they all seem to be. sending love
suzanne said…
"every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end" from the song Closing Time by Semisonic
Cat said…
feeling you deeply

welcome home xox

love and light
Autumn said…
i'e been absent this past week or so. my own many distractions, albeit predominantly happy ones.but found this post of yours and was so happy to hear your voice.
i'm glad for you my friend, for the forced distraction (and direction), for the moving ahead, for being at the last hurdle.

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