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Around Each Corner ~ Pictures Telling Stories

This wasn't a brilliant picture I'd taken with my phone at the airport but there was something attracting me to it so I spent a little time editing.  At first I thought it was the composition's vertical and octagonal lines, the repeated patterns or reflections that I found interesting, but on further contemplation I realised it was something other drawing my attention, something deeper to do with the human story.

There was a fascination going on with the two older figures and their two suit-cases striding under the clock, also the way my son in the foreground seemed to be gazing their way in deep thought, this sparked my interest! I was picking up on nostalgia and poignancy here...

After studying this image for a while I realised the significance ~

There was my youngest son only just starting out on his family journey, made me think of what lies ahead for him and, of course, the answer is no one really knows.  But was he wondering about this as he looked on at the couple leaving the building?  Probably not, and perhaps this is just my romanticised story view, but it could have been! On the other hand the older couple who may have grown-up children of their own might well be leaving that part of their life behind, family life, heading just the two of them for the final journey together, as symbolised by the timekeeper they were walking under. What's around the corner for them know one knows, just the same...  

A year ago this was me and my love walking the last part of our journey together, as I said poignant, painfully... I read today about trusting the rhythms of life being ready for what the seasons hold, this image signifies just that ~ embracing and trusting life in all of it's shades...

This was a lovely up-building post ~ one to read for a reminder!

Do you have images that tell stories?


suzanne said…
for a million reasons, i so love this image. it is striking and poignant and beautiful.
Your photos are your "writing"! - and they tell beautiful stories indeed! :) I really love this photo. What I see is realities within realities - the light and shaded areas create this sense of a "space beyond" what is being seen. At least for me :) Even the reflection on the floor is like a portal into another "reality" - which your son is standing in. And the two older people entering yet another portal to another reality. The photo is quite magical and its affects endless... I love what you say about "trusting the rhythms of life" - very poignant... Heart Hugs... :)
Jim Read said…
Hello Sue,

I like the story you weave around the image there are so many images and so many are looked at briefly with no attempt to 'read' them at all, your words make for a second and third look at the image. This I think is the essence of a blog and how it should be done.

You ask "Do you have images that tell stories?" and with this you've started me off on a long journey;

Thanks Im delighted - Jim
rebecca said…
this morning my haiku is inspired by the miracle of you. you are my butterfly. my tender soul with gossamer wings. to be near you is to know grace.
thank you for lifting my heart. may we find each other swimming in the light.
rebecca said…
good morning little fox. i stand in the wings of life opening the door of everyone who has ever loved you to cover you in light.
joanna said…
sue, still foxy as I remember, but tempered by grief.
I knew that there had to be a sad reason for you to move. So sorry. So very sorry for your loss.
Lovely part of the world you chose and the canal there looks great.

Thank you for taking the trouble to find me. I can't find an email address for you. Maybe you can place one in a comment on my blog - I have moderation switched on and then I can not publish it to keep the email address safe.

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