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Moments Beyond Measure

Today I wanted to say something profound to catch your attention,
but on second thoughts decided that better be left to the mystics, poets and sages,
for words worthy of their weight and restorative to the soul do not come easy...
Instead, I will tell you what 'my love' said
as he lay in the hospital bed...

He said "don't worry about me".

You don't know how precious those few words were, are...
Today like most of the other days in hospital he has been either writhing in pain or medicated into slumber.
Yesterday he was hallucinating most of the day and I imagined I would never be able to speak with him in a meaningful way again. The day before he managed an embrace but no words...

But today he opened his eyes for just one minute, just long enough to say
"don't worry about me",
the tears flowed...

That's 'my love' selfless to the end, my big, brave, strong, unsung hero...

My greatest teacher.
He embodies naturally what I have striven for over the years,
he is a most beautiful person both inside and out.

I don't know how may days we have together,
but the few words and embraces we have
are treasured beyond measure...

My love....x


Nonnie said…
I have been where you are now. Even though this is a tough road you're journeying right now. It is a gift that in spite of all he is suffering, he could speak those words to you. I will be thinking of you and your husband.
Dearest Sue, what a lovely piece...

Of course I am so sorry to hear of Joe's pain... At the same time, I am glad that you are writing about your experience with all this... How tender that he tries to soothe your emotional pain as well... And the photo so expressive...

Although your days together are numbered, I can tell that your time together is so rich and filled with love... Blessings of love to you both!
Unknown said…
" I imagined I would never be able to speak with him in a meaningful way again"

oh my dear soul sister. i can only barely touch the edges of imagining the feelings of fear and grief and desperation and trying-to-be-positive, that comes with that.

his words are perfect. their simplicity express his love, his spirit, and his truth.

it's words and images straight from the heart that matter. everything else is filler.

suzanne said…
his words, a treasure for your heart...may they give you strength on the days you feel you have little. holding you both in love & light.
rebecca said…
dearest sue,
my heart is with you and your joe. may you both find peace in your love for each other and every season shared.
your photograph is so tender and sweet.
holding you both in love and grace.

Patricia Turner said…
My thoughts and prayers are with you both. What a gift he gave you with those words, "Don't worry about me." So hard to fully embrace I'm time, in time.

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