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Feeling it on the Breeze

This morning's breeze is stirring the Tamarisk tree outside my window as I tap these keys,
wondering how to release all of the words wanting to escape in some-kind
 of meaningful way onto the page...

The breeze is reminding me of imminent change ~>

Yesterday halfway along the road to my Developing Photoshop course I made a sudden decision, a knee-jerk reaction I know! But my intuition was pressing me, saying 'this is not the way', so a u-turn became necessary! I don't like knee-jerk reactions, they have in the past led to some bad decision making that I have regretted, but the voice was strong, I knew I could no longer ignore it.

My love affair with photography keeps me grasping for connection with like minded souls, which I never seem to come across, the number of image processing courses I have taken over the last twenty years I've lost count of...

My yearning though is much deeper than remembering some technical magical manipulation, turning an image into something else (although I can get lost in this), but my true heart connection is about how I feel at the point of shooting, the moment, the subject, the light, the composition that illusive something that is so hard to describe but you know you have captured it when it sits in your photo fileand you can still feel the same feeling as at the initial point of connection. That is the one image that you would save when one thousand will be deleted, because a little piece of your heart resides there, you want to share it with the world hoping,
just hoping that it may spur some response in another. Many people might not even notice your image and scroll right past not giving a second glance/thought but then there's a chance you might make the elusive connection with just one person who knows where you're coming from! To date I have not found this
connection in any photography or image manipulation course, although I have here on-line...

It is a few days since I made my decision to quit the course, I am not regretting it as of yet,
to the contrary I'm going deeper, listening to the whispers, questioning,
evaluating... there are more changes afoot!
I feel it on the breeze...


Unknown said…
I got a shiver reading your words, yes I feel too that you have made the right decision, well my dear you may just have to write your own course for all the like minded photo tribe that true connection resides with, i'm in for it and would love to go deeper in a real way with my camera!
suzanne said…
it is you and your camera...the answers are there, in your looking. i love to listen to him speak of taking photos, find it pure poetry...
Beautiful post! (and image :) I often feel the same way about my writing... :) who *really* "gets it"... but then I realize it doesn't really matter... lol

I love that you followed your intuition and did what was right for you in your Heart - that's all that matters. As you say, it's about making a deeper "connection" - about listening to that deep place within... Lovely...

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