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For the Journey ~ Stage #3 ~~~~~~ Now to Infinity

After the journey's rocky terrain petered out,
the place of emotional release and point of red-rage painting
the path began to even as the days unfolded,
the heart being held and cradled by soulful searching and
supported by kind comments of encouragement from kindred spirits.

What's left is a visual journey document,
a point of reference, notes to self,
to keep close to heart for the future fortification,
a life journal going forward...

Pages to add treasured comments, suggestions and ideas...

Pages for quotes, poetry, and pretty things...

Pages for more mystical meanderings and imagery...

I will continue to visit these pages,
add more little visual messages as the days continue,
I will book mark the stages as and when from now to infinity...

Thank you all for holding me in loving kindness through these days,
my daughter is past the worst, she/we continue to battle with mental health issues, perhaps battle is not the correct word here, perhaps just holding our hearts in love, compassion and care, perhaps just Being and acceptance, I don't really know, I don't pretend to have all the answers but what I do know is this project of pouring out the emotions in paint and sharing is part of the beautiful journey...
I am grateful. x

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rebecca said…
my dear friend,
the beauty of you and your earnest seeking makes the ocean between us an overture of love. see how it cradles you on your side, and rocks me on mine? can you feel how everything is connected and when your longing heart pauses to be restored, every ones heart is replenished? in this way station of love i cannot tell where one heart ends, or another heart begins. so profound this merging of hearts i just had to sing it to you once again.
Beautiful Sue... I am glad the waters have calmed a bit. Crises are always such chaotic, challenging and intense times, as you know! Am glad you found ways to care for yourself and find comfort for your Soul - like going to the Ocean... And remembering that this too is just a wave upon the Greater Ocean of Life... A friend once said to me, sometimes we just have to learn how to surf. :) Hugs, C
somepinkflowers said…
{{ i knew it
i knew it
i knew it !!!

a journal in the making
to help forget
some things,
to help remember
other things

i knew it
& am so please
you are journal*making Together ...


about the Sea of Life ::
i love my ocean smooth & flat
i love my ocean deep blue & choppy
& how upsetting it is
to never get to pick
which is which & when
go ...

i almost hate to say ::
when the sea is smooth & clear
i Wait for the nor'easter
which does come
& clears
away the beach


how i sometimes wish i had control over which came when
i do not
neither do you ...

dear sue }}
suzanne said…
why it seems life's most heartfelt challenges are the ones that allow us to unfurl our deepest strengths, our purest moments of grace, and your strongest wills - but perhaps those are the gifts these challenges can offer? holding space for you

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