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A Space for Sunshine

Magnify the love,
create a space for sunshine
even among clouds.

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Haiku mi Heart
Recuerda mi Corazon


Stephanie said…
again, both you amazing images
and insight
gma said…
Fantastic image with sunlight shining through. Looks like you had fun playing with your photography and words. simple. beautiful.
Gemma Wiseman said…
An unusual means of magnifying the beauty of colour and shape! And lovely haiku!
Beautiful photo! Love the affect! And lovely haiku too... :)
Spadoman said…
One thing that I have learned through my existence. Grandfather Sun is there every day. He lives with the clouds and storms and moves about the sky like a wandering Gypsy. My heart is a space for sunshine. You've given that to me here today Ms. Foxy.

Imagine how much light there would be if all of us created a space for sunshine!

Swallows Haiku
rebecca said…
good morning dear one,
that is the ultimate awakening,
knowing in the deepest part of your being that the light exists, even in the darkest hours.
Anonymous said…
Magnificent photography and divine haiku ~ Enjoy ^_^
Laura said…
beautiful sue!
J C said…
This is so great, so different, like it a lot!!!
Annie Jeffries said…
Nothing closes off love. So strong, it can always be found, felt, seen.
Priti Lisa said…
Perfect post...
love the image
the haiku
the message ♥
Dawn Elliott said…
What a poignant and inspirational Haiku for spring, as well as for any day that challenges us...which is most of them, no? Simply beautiful...
Irene Rafael said…
you have brought such beauty to my day both through your words and your image.
Introverted Art said…
wow this is so amazing... so insightful...
somepinkflowers said…
{{ clearly
i fell into this photo
stayed Awhile

that is OK

as it was only
Sunday afternoon
i plan
on having another one
next week ... }}

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