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Weighted Down

Sometimes I feel weighted down,
like I'm attached to a millstone,
that's attached to my home,
which sits by a,
A millrace,
sounds idyllic,
it is,
except ~>

They have announced they are going to build the high speed bullet train-line
within throwing distance of my home, which we were about to put on the market!!!

We finally decided to sell our property after postponing for a few years because
of other tangles only to find at the last minute the tangles have tightened!!!


Carola Bartz said…
Oh boy, that is a millstone. As much as I love the high speed trains (I wish we had them here in the US), living right next to it might not be so much fun. I hope you will still be able to sell your property, but it might be difficult. All the best!
Annie Jeffries said…
We have bullet train plans set for our valley. It will be right up the center of central California. Bad planning. Lots of eminent domain land grabbing going on, and the expense in beyond reason. To add insult to injury, it is set to replace a perfectly fine normal train line in an area that doesn't connect metropolitan areas. Crazy.
Oh my goodness... That does tangle things up a bit, doesn't it... It's difficult when your home becomes an Albatross around one's neck... We have been wanting to sell our house, but there are too many major repairs that need to be made and we cannot afford them right now. And so it goes... I hope you can find a way to work around it...

foxysue said…
Chrisitne,this is another reason why we want to move, the cost of living here and maintenance of the property it getting above our heads.....

Oh well thank you all for your concerns I'm sure we will get around another of life's obstacles! x
Charlotte said…
You never know what opportunities this may afford you. Lift your chin as high as it will go, this may be a magic millstone that carries you off into a new life that you yearn for x
Unknown said…
perfect photo to go with the thoughts.

well, you know how i feel. my heart breaks that you guys have to g through this. it is what it is. so i hope for tons of strength and clarity for you, and that the Powers That Be pay up if you go down that route.
suzanne said…
may your tangle lead to even brighter opportunity ahead, sue xx

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