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Up-Cycling Susan

My love and I recently had a conversation about re-cycling,
he is very knowledgeable on these subjects you know, he takes great delight in explaining
the details in depth to me which I very often forget,
I simply have not got the capacity for it ;~)

On this one occasion though it has penetrated very deeply!
He explained how some types of garbage cannot be re-cycled but must go to land-fill,
I sighed "oh dear",
He said "but what they do is this,
they layer up the garbage with other composites
then insert pipes through the layers in-order to tap off the methane gas to be used for other purposes".

This connected on more than one level for me,
I recently read these words but am not sure where so don't know who to credit - (please forgive me) 

'Let your pain become rocket fuel for Love'!

If we could harness our pain, emotional and physical - re-cycling it into love how powerful this would be.
I have had a good dose of both types of pain recently,
so I've been about trying this out and I think it's working,
I'm not sure on the exact formula just now but will be posting when it gets clearer.
I feel quite excited about this as when I get surges of pain I'm breathing in deeper
I'm thinking on comforting thoughts, and as I do my feelings are being soothed, my desperation seems to lift!
I feel like there is an exchange going on, that my thoughts are literally changing my physical reality!

I'm expanding my reasoning on how powerful and far reaching the above statement really is  ~
"If we could harness the pain of the world it may be possible to re-cycle it as rocket fuel for love"!

Joy of Joys


Kim Mailhot said…
This is a wonderful, brilliant post, Sue. I think you are right. In this time when sorrows and pain seem so prevelant, let's keep using it to fuel our bigger and ever growing LOVE.
Love to you, Beautiful !
Meri said…
The ultimate, world-saving recycle. You're a heroine!
Yes! Transmuting pain into love by breathing into the pain and breathing out love. Wonderful discovery!

In the Buddhist tradition - and I am not a Buddhist, just read a lot of Buddhist books :) - anyway - in their tradition there is a practice called Tonglen where they do just as you are saying here. Breath into the pain and breath out love... Don't you just love how life presents us with these discoveries in many different ways!

Interesting photo!

Hope your health improves soon! C
Unknown said…
hello lovely!

quickly popping in to wish you a happy solstice, and to say how much i treasure your presence in my life.

and yes to that fuel! i see pain as a key, a doorway, to something more wondrous.
suzanne said…
what perfect timing for your post. recently met with a great chiropractor and he suggested i read The Power...along the same lines. interesting read for sure. amazing what love can do...truly. xx S
Introverted Art said…
You are my hero!!!! I am sending you all the love, peace, and good vibes in the world.
Stephanie said…
Very powerful and inspiring...LOVE is the word for the new year, compassion, understanding and focused love
Introverted Art said…
Foxy, I wanted to wish you a wonderful 2013!
Annie Jeffries said…
Let the siphoning begin. I have a bit to contribute. Love Fest time.

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