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Keeping it Real #1 ~ Ebb & Flow

Springtime and 3 acres of land, one broken American mower chain!
Planned son's visit later today maybe postponed - 
petrol stations running out of fuel, panic buying here in the UK, threat of  fuel tanker strikes.
Visiting dentist this morning, worst bit is the bill.

Blue, blue skies, maybe summer will be in March this year!
Pond is coming on a treat, we now have 3 Mallards and 
2 Canada Geese visit these shores.
I have been able to practice yoga with more ease today than yesterday.
Homemade Brioche bread & butter pudding with Cornish Clotted Cream,
I'm getting so adventurous with my culinary skills:

Soak a good handful or so of sultanas in prune juice 
or (whatever you fancy!) for 30 mins
spread 6/7 slices of brioche with butter cut into soldiers 
line dish bottom & sides with slices
sprinkle with a dusting of sugar and sultanas
layer remaining slices and sultanas with  the bread on top
beat two eggs with 3/4-1 pint of milk and sugar to taste (1 tbs), pour over bread,
 (sprinkle with cinnamon or nutmeg , optional)
leave to rest for 30 mins
bake in medium oven about 40 mins to 1 hour
until golden brown. Enjoy.

Linking with Mon
'Keeping it Real' 
Ink & Chai


Unknown said…
you're killing me with the brioche b&B pudding! we don't fancy things like brioche here lol

i hear ya about the broken mower chain! we have the large plot and the weather to make things grow like there's no tomorrow.

and yay to the yoga!!

so glad you joined in. love this balance.
Unknown said…
we don't 'have'....
somepinkflowers said…
so happy to read
----> '''yoga with more ease'''

i find each day flows
with some downward~facing~dog
in the morning,
don't you?

is with the gasoline shortage!
oh NO...

i try to have
one Driveless Day a week
cutting back more & more,
planning each driving trip
to matter
with organizational thought...

{{ there is no
mass transit
ANYwhere near my town }}
Unknown said…
well we always have the ebb and flow don't we.

I did not know of your oil shortages...we ALL need to figure out different ways of bike has been dusted off after the winter although we have a taste of winter today, the rest of the week is back in the 70's.

thank you for the introduction to Ink and Chai...
Miss Robyn said…
dentist - yuck.
and please God, let there be plenty of fuel when we come over!!
your pond sounds simply delicious.. as does the Cornish clotted cream.. I cannot wait to tuck into such delights..
time is flying away, I will be there before you know it.. my itinerary is getting more ordered and I do believe we shall be near to you as some state - is the Peak District near to you? or York? I sure hope so xoxo sending much love as always

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