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Haiku my Heart #46 ~ Diminishing Returns

light diminishing
drawing one down to darkness,
yet colours emerge


Ramesh Sood said…
Indeed Colours emerge.. yes! Lovely haiku and the pictures.. well done.. meet me here:
Rosie said…
LOVE this haiku Sue! I think your photography and the way you capture light is awesome!
I hope your DD is doing better and that things are improving slowly for you. xo =)
What beautiful images, in both words and pictures!!! WOW!! Cathy
Spadoman said…
That's really cool! And you pegged those beautiful photos with words perfectly! You did good Ms. Foxy. I would love to sit at such a place and feel night come over me. That is a place of...

rebecca said…
we are together
close to mysteries water edge
can you measure love?
deb did it said…
YES!! ~colors emerging from darkness!~ well said
anthonynorth said…
So very true - and great pics.
Priti Lisa said…
The color of captured it with your camera...and your words. It's the most bittersweet time of year.♥♥♥
carol l mckenna said…
Wow! Great haiku and awesome photo! ~~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)
Unknown said… subtle and beautiful...

both your haiku and your lovely photographs.

Lenora said…
wonderful water colours, wonderful words..
gma said…
I love both dawn and dusk because of the rosy glow/gray-purple colors and mood you have captured
Your images are indescribably beautiful. Such subtlety of light and color change and yet such deep beauty. Artistically done. I found these words:

Twilight, a timid, fawn, went glimmering by, and Night, the dark-blue hunter, followed fast.
George William Russell

Tarang Sinha said…
Nice haiku and pictures:)
*jean* said…
what beautiful sillouette photos!! gorgeous post...
somepinkflowers said…
do wonder
if Life
is always
about the dance
between the dark & the light...

what say you?

{{ your photos are stellar,
BTW }}

peggy gatto said…
so beautiful, subtle, powerful1
Dawn Elliott said…
Such a gorgeous palette of misty colors!
Beautiful, but I am glad that the 21st is almost here when we begin to reverse the dark a tiny bit at a time.

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