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Full Pink Moon - Sue

I wanted this board to feel light and airy to match the mood of blossom time.  This is what I would like to attract and reflect in my life also, a lighter spirit. 

I intuitively assembled my images and words as usual, and again I was surprised to see the main focus seems to be two contrasting female figures.  One all soft and serene in among the pink words '"I am love" whilst the other is in grainy black and white tones and appears to be forging forward from the words "pretty powerful".  Is this my alter-ego making a showing again?  I'm not sure, but when you put the two quotes together -"I am love and pretty powerful" it makes a thought provoking statement?


Bombshell BLISS said…
I love a strong, powerful woman who is full of love. May it be so!
Ginny said…
What could be better than a strong powerful woman who is full of love? Great images and explanation. Thank you!!!!
EVA said…
Gorgeous dream board! A very compelling work of art!

Thought provoking statement indeed. :)
I love the colors, how they match my favorite (and perhaps yours?) Spring blooms and blossoms. Fabulous... so fabulous!!

See My Full Moon Dreamboard here.
The Other Laura said…
Such lovely springy colors and powerful images.
Rochelle said…
Beautiful dreamboard, inspiring words.
Amazing board filled with action.
Jamie Ridler said…
What a beautiful board. It looks like a painting.

I always say that our dreamboards speak to us - and this time it seems yours quite literally has! What a powerful affirmation has appeared for you. May it inspire your month! May all of your dreams come true.

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