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The Full Worm Moon

Hi, am back in blogland now after my decorating break, my kitchen is all clean, sparkly and new, so now I can spend more time 'blissing out' and getting 'really' creative. My first creative spurt was to assemble my vision board contribution to Jamie Ridler's group of Dreamboarders. Visit Jamie Ridler

Sunday afternoon was spent finding images, words and colours that spoke to me intuitively. Sunday evening was spent intuitively arranging them onto a board - I like the whole process to be unintentional so I can look at my board and see what is reflected back. It's a bit like reading the tea leaves - I remember mum doing this as a girl when there was no such a thing as tea bags! After drinking the tea turning the cup upside down on the saucer to see how the leaves arranged themselves on the side of the cup to reveal a story!

My board reflects back to me:

The dual personality of the child both with the beaming, happy face looking forward and the sad countenance of her alter ego. Reminding me life is never one way, accepting oneself and these moments, at the same time knowing there is always affirming encouragement out there as with these little text reminders.

I'm not usually one for the whimsical and would mostly resist it in my artwork but somehow the butterflies appeared on my board! Is that because one fluttered by our window recently bidding on spring? Is that what is stirring in me? Or do they represent an element of freedom like the window and the books, my usual escape routes?

So all-in-all another amazing journey to within, via the 'Worm Moon'.

BTW - My boy Jasper (my little Lhasa Apso see pic on blog) who sleeps on my bed was sat upright last night staring out the window at the moonlight, which is very unusual for him, he's usually curled up as soon as his little head touches the duvet. It made me feel very in touch with him and nature and all the energy that binding us together.


Unknown said…

Oohh! This gives me goosebumps!
Jamie Ridler said…
What a beautiful connection to you, to what's stirring, to your little fella and to the moon! May all of your dreams come true!
Rochelle said…
Love the images and the words behind them.
Lots of full worm moonbeams to you!

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