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Daughter February Full Cold Moon Dreamboard

I am stepping in for my Mum as she is busy decorating her cottage with blissful dreams. Anyhow, I wanted to continue participating in this dreamboarding excersize or 'moonboarding' as I refer to it, I find it very cathaertic.

This dreamboard was a challenge as I am not really a dreamer. I had to think for ages about what I could possibly want out of life on the grand scale....somewhere between an increased level of inner calm and world peace is the answer so this tries to represent what it means to me.


Jamie Ridler said…
You can really feel the serenity, the peace of this board, the sense of flow and beauty. Here's to your dreams. May they show up and light the way.
Anonymous said…
Your dreamboard invites me to relax and breathe a little deeper. Thank you for that! I suspect that sense of peace will continue to be contagious!

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