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Grateful for Family Love

I am grateful on this day, 
Thursday, 23rd December 2010
A Table overflowing with 

I'm nearly at the end of my
25 days of gratitude
and have not even scratched the surface,
I would like to mention something 
I'm often reminded of on my
daily pop-up 
motivational homepage,
"family is a little home made of love" 

My Family

I like to think my family extends to all of you, as we are all inextricably linked!
I'm sending my love over to
Share the Joy Thursday


rebecca said…
thank you sue for throwing open the arms of love and including the world!
holding you in JOY!

Annie said…
Merry Christmas Sue. I'm so happy to be part of your extended family. Many blessings and abundance joy to you and yours during this Holy Season. Annie
deb did it said…
I can feel the JOY here....have a wonderful holiday filled with even more abundant joy and love
Meri said…
Wishing you and your family a juicy, JOYFUL Christmas with loads of love and memory making.
Noelle Renee said…
Dearest Sue,
I am grateful for our friendship across the miles and for feeling very much a part of this larger family that you have created with your art, your photography and your lovely and compassionate perspective on the world.
Charlotte said…
I love this collage of our family and grateful for the ones who brought it together. And sending best wishes to the extended family across the world we hope to meet in person someday.

Jane said…
Sue, your collages on this post and the previous one are just beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us!!

Merry Christmas!

Sending warm Christmas hugs, and peace for this season,

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