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Grateful for 'A Virgin A Day'

I am grateful on this day, 
Sunday 12th December 2010,
'A Virgin A Day'
The beauty of these last 12 Days

I hadn't thought about it for
a very long time,
I'd almost forgotten!
 'A Virgin A Day'
threw me back into my childhood,
 I would be about five at the time
when I was chosen to be Mary
for the school Nativity Play,
 it was held at our very beautiful village church.

I think they chose me for my dark, curly locks.
I do recall thinking I would
rather be an angel,
on account of their huge, gorgeous wings,
rather than Mary wearing the plain blue dress!
 I was more than a little put out too
when they took
the baby Jesus doll off of me!

Knowing what I Know now, I should have
basked a little more in the
glory and privilege
of such an occasion, after all it's not
every day, and everyone who gets
to step into the shoes
of the Virgin!

To see the finale of 
'A Virgin A Day'
Recuerda mi Corazon


turquoise cro said…
O! to be chosen to play Mary!!! I wish YOU had a picture of yourself!! Happy Feast Day!(((Sue))))
deb did it said…
if only we knew now.....thank you for sharing this story!
With my affinity for blue, this virgin collage really jumps out at me. I loved hearing your story about being Mary when you were a child. It has been wonderful getting to know you through your posts. Merry Christmas.
Paula Scott said…
Yes, but how we could know that being so young? I was always the angel as I was little. Which meant that I was always put front and center stage. I was envious that I could not be Mary. If I had curly hair, I'd want straight, if I had straight hair, I'd want curly...and so it goes!
What a wonderful closing image! Matches your story perfectly.
Noelle Renee said…
What a lovely story, really! I can imagine you wanting to play the angel and thinking the blue dress was a bit drab in comparison to gossamer wings. I love your image too. What a great way to end the series, knowing now that you are thankful and being able to look back upon the privilege you had then. I have loved all of your posts. They were so warm, inviting and encouraging of positive energy and interaction. Thank you!
Charlotte said…
I'll bet you made a lovely Mary xxx
Spadoman said…
I commented before, and wondered why my comment didn't appear. Then I realized I needed to wait until the screen changed and gave me a word verification. I've been leaving unheard comments for days now.
That said, I love the picture you posted. Did you make it? What kind of process gives it that iridescence?
I love the idea of you as a little kid. We all were, obviously, and it's fun to recall what we remember. I too wish I saw the beauty of things, but maybe we do now, later in life, for a reason.
Thanks for sharing during these 12 days. Now that I know how to comment, you haven't seen the last of me.
(Up early watching meteor showers between computer looks, the night sky tonight is awesome!)

Jane said…
Yes, I remember the days. I'm grateful for Phyllis, who is still my friend. She started the youth group at our church. She was, and still is, so full of fun. We used to set up a live nativity on the front lawn of the church. I usually chose to be a shepherd, so that I could hide behind the cloak. But on Christmas Eve, I was an angel, with a tinsel wreath in my hair. Felt like a movie star!! :)

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