Finding my Bliss

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Wearing Purple

I am in the process of stripping back,
looking through the lens of connection for clarity,
aligning this to my inner knowing or intuition,
so getting closer to the core of me...

There is a kind of subconscious sifting and sorting going on
making its way to the surface, emerging as a desire....
I feel I'm being pulled towards simplicity
in words and image,
an internal clearing of clutter...

I'm taking this as the soul's evolution,
I'm thinking this is part of life's outworking ~
for the golden years, of wearing purple...

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Mingling with Light

I mingle with light
again, the essence of now
I'm falling for you!

I relished my time spent in the basilica ~ Sagrada Familia and now during these mostly dull January days here in the UK I can return to those bright moments to relive the experience.  I am able to study each image and fully go back into that time frame which for me was essentially a meditative one, for most of the time it was a walking meditation totally in the zone.  However, over the two plus hours inside I had to step in and out of the meditation to note the information points in relation to the architecture which, being high in religious symbolism was interesting but my intention was for a pure in the moment experience without the distraction of pre-existing religious concepts, if that is possible! Ideally two separate visits would have been perfect. Interestingly the audio headset encouraged people to spend time in the seated area for contemplation and meditation but I prefered to immerse myself by the window light with my viewfinder and senses fully attuned.  At this point I am not concerned with the settings on my camera so much as this would be an encumberance, knowing this is a cerebral function which can be performed back home to some degree if I so desired. My primary concern was about the experience.

I was transfixed by the sheer beauty and quality of light, feeling relaxed and at home, absorbed into the soft essence, at one with tranquility, presence, peace...

Joining with ~
Haiku my Heart

Monday, 5 January 2015

Start from Where You Are

Today and each day since the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve I have continued to feel stuck in my tracks, wanting to move but unable, I'm not sure if this feeling's been exaggerated due to the expectations I/we tend to put on ourselves at this time of year or the fact that last year was so very dark for me that I wanted to move swiftly into the light?  In any case I became fidgety and needed to do something! So I am starting where I am, where I left off with the love of photography which always saves the day when I get this feeling, I am starting to walk again... maybe baby steps for now, but that's okay.

Thinking about walking my mind was transported back to an instant as a happy-stance image jumped out at me when I was fortunate enough to visit the beautiful city of Barcelona last December.  My long time admiration and intrigue for the art of Gaudi and dream of visiting his work at the Sagrada Familia became a reality.  I knew what the building looked like from the outside but wasn't prepared for the wonderful light phenomena when inside the basilica! 

The history of the building was fascinating but what was even more special to me was the beautiful light spectacle inside, the atmosphere it created was magical and spiritual.  Whilst many photographers were focusing on the architecture I was absorbed by the light, so much so that my card soon filled with mostly abstract images which I will continue to show in the following days... But the one that stood out and called to me today is this one of someone's boot walking across the highly polished floor and reflecting in the bouncing light, illuminating a moment of time on a stranger's journey.

I thought this image poignant for my post today because it pictures a frozen moment of time on someone else's path.  I have no idea where that person's journey will take them just as I'm not sure about mine but it represents for me a new starting point, a new juncture in my life. I am starting where I am, there are many possibilities ahead!

Friday, 2 January 2015

Shadow of Former Self

They had barely dried
and, before I had chance to lift them, my outstretched wings,
I was floored once more.

They were folding in on themselves damp and dank,
resembling limp foliage that had dared to embrace spring's early sun
only to be dashed back to the frozen earth.

I was grounded without a stirring wind to raise any hope
and, the flight path was now obscured, so I lay mute
for my speech had become stunted, I was in a stuck place with seemingly
no words of wisdom to impart...

I reached for the medicine cabinet knowing my situation was dire...
fumbling for anything that would infuse my spirit,
some connection to hope, love and creativity...
having become a shadow of my former self,
yearning, needing embodiment...

The medicine cabinet was in easy reach,
just a click away would put me in-touch with vital support systems
containing all manner of nourishment.  I knew for I had been
there before many times visiting kind and loving friends,
wise word healing sages and connecting to
visionaries with magical formulas.

But a small gentle voice began to whisper from within
"there, there, its all there deep down inside, at the core in
your special place of silence and knowing, nothing is ever lost
just obscured from view for a time. A time for stillness, a time for healing
for just being, for attached to every shadow is a body and attached to every body
is the everyday miracle of growth and renewal the pure potential for Hope.
Believe and Trust the process..."