Finding my Bliss

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Advent Calendar of Gratitude

I was reading over on 
Jane's blog

her view  on "Grateful Awareness" in  

 '5 Simple Ways to Experience the Gift of Consciousness this Season"
I was touched by this post ....
"Spend quiet time at home each day 
to create a Gratitude Calendar, with a space to share 
blessings each day of the month". 

"heightened awareness of our blessings
 is perhaps the best gift of all".

I thought it would be lovely to create my own
online Advent Calendar of Gratitude
in celebration of
 my 100th Post !!! 
starting tomorrow
Wednesday, 1st December 

 I'll be posting my gratitude Pictures and Words through to 

Saturday, 25th December 2010

I'm so hoping you'll join me, 
blog hopping for a 

'Plethora of Seasonal Gratitude' 
I will be linking with
Thursday  Meri's Musings -Share the Joy Thursday
Friday Haiku my Heart Poetry - recuerda mi corazon
(please join us:)

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Winter Wonderland Indeed!



Friday, 26 November 2010

Haiku my Heart #8

old stones still have life 
forever calling me home 
 window of escape

recuerda mi corazon
for more haiku poetry

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A date with the Fantastic Mr F.........?

he wooed me with flowers
and words ....

 he took me to places .....
and tempted me with
a jewelled cluster
I was in heaven,
 and in love
with the fantastic Mr Frost!

What will Mr Fox say?

Monday, 22 November 2010

Full Frost Moon

On this New Moon Jamie invited us to consider what feeling we wanted to invite in:- serenity, joy, inspiration, a spirit of play, adventure, sense of accomplishment or wonder?

After assembling the dream board she asks "What emotional energy infuses your dreamboard?".

To be honest I didn't want to spend ages with my dreamboard today, I just wasn't in the zone, but I was up for lazily thumbing through glossy mags, they always give me a buzz, being a photographer with a love of graphics I can just get lost in those images.

So I just tore out a few and decided to loosely lay them over some foil to see what effect they would give, didn't want to get my hands sticky today!
I was very happy with the outcome and in answer to Jamie's question I'm full of 'wonderment' at how creative you can be by just tearing, cutting and laying. 

 I suppose all those things Jamie mentioned: serenity, joy, inspiration, a spirit of play, adventure and sense of accomplishment have also been achieved here too.

What is the image saying to me? At this moment I have no idea except make more, because I can luxuriate in this process and feel my passion rising and that's enough for me!

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Sunday, 21 November 2010

A Tale of Mistaken Identity

There have been several creatures in my life, none more memorable than this one. I chose the fluffiest, sweetest little thing of the litter, I have a passion for long haired things, (my love had long hair when we first met!) so off we went taking our little bundle of beauty home.

 Not an ounce of trouble was our little Dorothy, named after the Wizard of Oz's very own, she fitted in so snuggly, especially under the kick-board of the kitchen units, where I trod on her accidentally the first morning of her life with us,
to this day I still feel sad about that!

The day came when we took her for the opp, as much as we loved her we didn't want to multiply!  The operation was successful the vet informed us, but for one thing?  

She wasn't a she she was a he!!!

How could I get it so wrong she was so sweetly 
feminine and beautiful?

"Never mind we will call him Dotty", I said, 
and so we did, for a day!

In all of his 18 years with us he remained Dorothy, I don't think he suffered too much from mistaken identity complex though!

I feel so very sad about the day he passed away as he did suffer a little while, I was at work and my love had to send for the vet very quickly.  When he collected me from work he related the story and how it brought tears to his eyes watching him suffer and being helpless to remove the pain.  

That's the price we pay for loving so completely!

My love had already buried him in the next field up from the cottage when we got home, so as not to cause any more undue pain, but I asked would he re- bury him under the tree next to the stream in our garden, so he could remain close to us? 
And so he did.

I dedicate this story to Noelle who recently lost her cat,
to visit Noelle's beautiful pages go over to:

Friday, 19 November 2010

Haiku my Heart #7

Baby bud frozen,
 late fall did dare to open,
still born of chill morn. 

For beautiful poetry visit 


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Art 'Au Naturale'

Having wandered around the woods for a while we came upon this fantastic specimen
'Chinese Red Birch'
see the beautiful bark ...
take a closer peek
who'd a thought
nature could paint

so brilliantly?

Friday, 12 November 2010

Haiku my Heart #6

rose out of focus
swallow flown far far away
ah, season's sojourn

recuerda mi corazon
a beautiful place to visit

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Frame within a Frame

For Kat's group view of 
'frame within a frame'
over at 

Have you got a shot to share?

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A New Perspective

My cottage has eleven windows, thirteen if you include the two blind ones on the front. They were to be kept original as our listed property is situated on the The National Trust's Hardwick estate, (see here) the cottage is said to be the original cobbler's workshop to Hardwick Hall.  We resurrected the building from three derelict walls and a date stone marked 1674. 

For those of you who are interested I will post pics later, this is a tale in itself ....

When viewing the layout of the building one of the main considerations was that each room would have a good view of the countryside fields, woods, and volumes of sky.  Not one window would have any unsightly object to view, but this, the room I'm typing in, the office/art studio/put-u-up room.

Was I going to let this unsightly post put me off!  
.... time went by, I began to notice from a distance
there was something seemly about this post 
perhaps even a little attractive ....
calling for a closer view:
 Ah! Art in the sky, 
who would have thought you would find 
an 'abstract original'
 posted up there?!

In it's right setting even more appealing 
 I will always look at the old post 
in a new light now!

Monday, 8 November 2010

All About Perspective

Concepts of Beauty
.... it's the way you see it ....
 Monday morning ....
blurry vision ....
rain again ....
window 'pain' poetry .... 
leaves - 'still clinging' ....
 yesterday's left laundry! 

Friday, 5 November 2010

Haiku my Heart #5

sweet child remember
on the 5th of November
be-dazzled by light

These pics are a few years old now, but I love to reminisce at this time of year.  I have such lovely memories of those moments with my camera capturing the wonderment of the child, it transports me back to my own childhood and the thrill of it all. 

It started a few weeks before, begging my dad to gather old wood and rubbish in the garden so we could have a 'bonfire'.  If dad was a little slow on the up-take and didn't get round to it I knew I could always count on  Mrs Fowler, a lovely lady who lived just below with her six children, she always made all the kids welcome.  I also knew she would have a tray of homemade bonfire toffee and that she would throw a spud or two into the fire for us to eat after the rapturous event.

The weeks leading up to 'the night' were very exciting, our local paper shop displayed the fascinating little packages of promised thrills in the window. On the way home from school I would stop for a while and gaze at the possibilities.  Friday night, pocket money night, I got to choose my favourite delights when mum went to pay 'the bill'. Mr Lindley was very patient with me as I asked him 'would he take the big box from under the glass counter for a closer look to choose?' I'm sure the queue of people behind didn't mind!

There was just one downside to it all as I remember, those horrible jumping jacks, and Mrs Fowler's two boys.  I didn't buy any myself, but I knew full-well they would be lurking there and planting those 'evil little imps' in the most unsuspecting places at whim. I still 'feel the fear' the more I tried to get out of their way the more they seemed to be jumping right behind me!!!  


PS  'My love' just reminded me from a boy's perspective, there was nothing more exciting than to get those little 'jumping jacks' to jump up the girl's skirts!  I'm glad to say they have been banned now in the UK!