Finding my Bliss

Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Gypsy in my Heart

I donned on my gypsy skirt ready for the road,

my chariot 'Celeste' she calls and I must wander....

The traveler in me has been agitated for awhile,
I feel the heat in still,
needing that cool breeze under my skirts....
I know not where paradise will beckon,
but to be sure I will tell all to paradise seekers upon my return,
in the meantime share your moments of beauty
with one and all,
love Susan x

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Focusing on Time

My old friend Lady Lavender now in her thirteenth year 
she straggles the stone path brazenly throwing off all restraint,
exposing her less than graceful aged limbs with huge gaping gaps where
once she held an ever-so tight, prim & proper pose for donning that summer bonnet.
Now though she is bare and patchy in places giving way space to other plants like the young
Herb Robert with his little pink posy offerings filling and enhancing Lavender's bald spots.
Other critters too still adore her, Small and Large Whites, Brimstones and all manner of Bees....

Yes the garden has changed over the years once an organised array of spectacular blooms
which you could depend on with regular punctuality, now giving way to a rambling profusion
of pop-up posies all making an appearance as and when like hide and seek characters!
Amazingly you think some may well have delivered their last performance having not
seen them for awhile only to be outwitted and surprised when they show their
tenacious spirits in the most unusual places, winding their way through
several layers of dense shrubbery and appearing triumphantly as if
hailing - 'you won't squeeze us out'!

I must confess to feeling a bit like Lavender these days
less than lovely limbs, bald and patchy in places,
even confused at times, whether I can make
an appearance or not, still I do have my
Herb Robert filling in the gaps!!!

Friday, 23 August 2013


Days to remember
sunshine, shade my boys and me
all cocooned in love...

It has been such a beautiful summer here in the UK, my love bought me a swinging cocoon chair
for those lazy hazy days....sigh!

Haiku my Heart
Recuerda mi Corazon

Sunday, 18 August 2013

With Love from Paradise

My old campervan 'Celeste' returned from our latest wanderings on the back of a lorry,
she is very very sick, but my love is taking good care of her
and she is undergoing restorative treatment!

In the mean time we have pastured her for recuperation
in the most beautiful, peaceful spot in our garden,
next to the pond looking out to the countryside. 
We sat with/in her for awhile today,
a kind of 'staycation'.

The views are just as stunning here as anywhere,
I am so grateful for the paradise we tend...
the fields beyond are now being harvested and as I sat
sipping wine with my love I zoomed in with the lens....

I have much admiration for my farmer neighbours,
they work so hard in all weathers but
today must have been a sheer pleasure for them,
the sun has been shining...

It wasn't until editing the images that I realised this was a family affair,
when you look closely (click the image) at the cab of the big yellow combined harvester
you can faintly detect a mother and child helping with the big work
of gathering the Bread Basket for Britain!

Posting my day's events to ~
Postcards from Paradise

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Mark Making ~ Liquid Mandalas

When light beams catch the corner of my eye
sparking ignition to a chain reaction, causing curiosity to take over
I'm lead on a journey and I need to explore...
I play awhile captivated in contemplation
and what if....

experimenting with light and lens,
wine glass and water,
rays and reflections,
I'm transported to
Utopian bliss.

Liquid Mandalas

Monday, 12 August 2013

Meta~4~Mary #1

I do not subscribe to any religious path but I do subscribe to spirituality, intensely!
Traveling along this on-line spiritual road I have made acquaintance with many 'Mary' figures,
all sharing the same essential essence of 'love'. They all have the one thing in common,
sewing seeds of compassion and care, with one aim in mind ~
nourishing and populating this world with their progeny.

My 'Mary' acquaintance this week came from a beautiful post written by Tara Sophia Mohr ~
please visit and take the time to enjoy reading ~

~>~> Your Life Purpose

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Mornings with Mary
Recuerda mi Corazon

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My Love

Yesterday's post saved for today...

I sit here this day thinking about what I will be doing I think about tomorrow too for it's a special day, our anniversary...

We had planned to go to the Japanese Gardens, this idea came to me as my love carefully placed the last stone in a wall bordering our garden. He's erected this wall from stones he miraculously came across buried in the earth... these were a God-Send as we need a wall to protect our property from flooding, these stones are very expensive, way out of our budget!

Although we have never been financially comfortable while living here my mantra of ~
 "what I need will be there in the moment"
has proved true time and again!

Considering tomorrow, my love and my gratitude towards him for the many years he has looked after me and our family my thoughts turned to the concept of ~ Karma Yoga
which is nicely explained here at ~ 'Faerymother' and to quote from Starr this is the type of yoga that ~

"offers service unselfishly and with a pure motivation"

My love has looked after me in many ways, from building walls to baking bread when I was sick!!

I would like to share a poem I discovered over at  Tara Sophia Mohr

This poem epitomizes my feelings for the quality my love displays and the ones I aspire to!

I dedicate this post to David 'aka' 'my love'. ~ 

 The Quiet Power

Sunday, 4 August 2013


Have you received a hug today?

I belong to this really lovely yoga group,
the circle is part of a larger group which seems to be growing...
A little while back however, I felt a bit awkward and a little bit reticent at joining in...!
A new member of the group who I assumed to be an extrovert started this hugging thing off!

I am your typical reserved English introvert by nature and like to keep my safe 'personal space' if you know what I mean ;~) if anyone gets their mat too close to mine in yoga I'm soon shuffling mine away ;~)

Anyway I'm happy to report I have challenged my personal foibles and now am a fully bonded member of the hugging group!

credit ~

This synchronized nicely with the above information on a 'Time Line' photo my daughter posted on Facebook, we have been doing a lot of hugging recently as she is going through a rough patch with her Bi-polar...

Which leads me to the subject of e-hugs!

Have you e-hugged anyone today?

Or have you been e-hugged?

In yoga if you are not able to perform a pose for whatever reason but would like to, it is said by visualizing the pose you will be able to receive benefits just the same!

So go ahead ~ send someone a  e-hug and bond! :~)x

BTW You might like to send Charlotte a hug here ~  One Step at a Time 

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Postcards from Paradise, where lots of this type of thing goes on!
Recuerda mi Corazon

Friday, 2 August 2013

Align the Divine

"The terrain of the intuitive path can feel strange like we need a road map...
this is where 'faith' is needed."

My dream was broken after having made the above comment on yesterday's post ~ Walking by Faith

I know other people's dreams may bring on a yawn, but this one is a thriller and auspicious I feel! 

See what you think?

The Dream~>~>

The path was narrow along the craggy edge,
I was scared, for to my left the rocky surface fell away sharply
and to my right there was, I thought, a deep, dark black sea,
although I barely dare look for fear of turning sideways I might lose my grip and fall in!

I gingerly crawled the shiny surface clinging tightly, scaling the ridge,
however ahead at a distance I could see the outline of
a mountain range with the sun just peeping through and lighting up
a scene that looked like what I imagined to be Shangri-La!

My immediate feeling however was one of fear and it was almost paralyzing me to the spot
but I knew I must keep moving as staying put was not the answer,
so I made small measured movements, keeping my eye on the distant mountains,
they propelled me forward.

After some time I managed to loosen my grip a little
as my measured movements became steadier and predictable,
though I never allowed myself to be distracted by the sheer drop to my left
having this great fear of heights and the dizzying effect that almost hypnotizes me to the edge!
As my fear began to lift a little I thought I caught sight of a shimmering light from the corner of my eye, I noticed what seemed to be different tones in the darkness to my right.

In the distance as the light advanced I could see the path widening out and so I picked up pace,
soon it became safe for me to get up from all fours and walk, as I did I began to notice the water to the right, by now fully bathed in light. I could plainly see instead of a deep, dark blackness as I had imagined there to be, just below the water's surface shone a myriad of tiny pebbles gently sloping away.  Not believing my eyes I ran backwards along the ridge edge for someway and yes the pebbles could be seen glinting in the sunlight all along the water's edge as far as the eye could see!!

Fear wants to keep a strong grip on all of us in some way...

Keep walking by faith
along life's intuitive edge,
align the divine.

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Haiku my Heart
Recuerda mi Corazon

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Pondering #1 ~ Walking by Faith

"You can learn how to play it one foot in-front of the other",
these are the lyrics I am listening to on 'Chill Radio',
I don't know the artist as Chill Radio is just a music station nothing else,
no advertisements, no-one-there, just soothing music...

These lyrics hit a spot within though, they're about going with the next moment, intuitively.

Intuition, this is something I've been more in-tune with recently... I call it walking by faith. Sometimes in some situations of life all we can do is have faith that what we need will be provided, which is also my mantra ~ "what I need will be there in the moment", in other words a conviction that we are supported by our divine connection through stressing times. Over the last six months I have been keenly aware of this through various serious health scares along with long-term stressful situations that I have felt/feel trapped in, and a prisoner to.

Today I am thinking about intuition on a different level though, my journey or path.... I have a battle going on it feels between logic and intuition, I want to trust my intuition's prompts, but then the logic comes in, the factor that wants to take over, the micro organizing...

At times I have these ideas and sometimes it seems each moment is pregnant with possibility.
But the 'birthing process' that's the thing! Is it a totally natural process?
Or is it a combined process, intuition + logical ordering...

Perhaps these possibilities will materialize into something wonderful organically I think.
Is this just blind faith?
Does my faith need to take a leap,
fueled by the process of logic!?

You might like to send your seeds of wisdom my way :~)