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Sweet Nectar Search

If I feel okay tomorrow I'm off with my honey in search of  sweet nectar! Won't be back to haiku with you, but will send postcards from paradise!

Postcards from Paradise #14 ~ I want to be there!

Whilst I'm flu-bound I thought a little digi-doodling might ease my acute awareness that  the sound reverberates through the trees and the beat of the drum circle.....

sigh......... dream on...........

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Postcards from Paradise
Recuerda mi Corazon

Haiku my Heart #33 ~ Lessons for Grace

What the bird told me.... about both pleasure and pain, like petals and thorns the rootstock's the same, to contemplate sweet pickings, there is a need to beware, thorns have sharp edges, handle petals with great care.
'dedicated to all blossoming relationships'
Visit  Recuerda mi Corazon 'an immersion of the heart'
PS ~ my syllable sums have gone a bit awry here, hey ho, I never was good at maths, and I have flu ;~)

Little Pops of Joy


& Knowing friends are safe!

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Meri's Musings ~ Share the Joy Thursday

What's in a Name?

Isn't it funny,  I was feeling a bit chilled sat here, I have a flu bug/virus just now, I was thinking I need my long, comfy cardigan to warm me,  voilĂ  
my love walks in with the said  long, comfy cardigan.

I've had more 'synchronicity' today ~
At the beginning of the year I chose the name 'Grace'  as my adopted name for the year, knowing there would be challenges ahead, family matters that would call  for me to be Grace-full!
I met the challenge and felt I had lived up to my  new name for the most-part.
Recently, my memory lapsed and I almost  forgot about my new name, I returned to the old pattern, I returned to the little self not my new
Graceful Self.
I spent a couple hours there ruminating  with the little self on how I was feeling today, how hurt I was, that I had been overlooked.

 Whilst blog hopping  I came across something  that I had synchronised with earlier in the year,
when I was thinking about my new name, and again
voilĂ  it happened, just what I needed!

Postcards from Paradise #13 ~ Quiet Contemplation

Rainy days,  quiet contemplation, sitting with stillness, wondering about the journey.....

It's okay to sit, to be quiet, not to push with anything, waiting for the sap to rise....

Recuerda mi Corazon
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From the bottom of my Heart

I have a hoard of images, each one a precious  moment in time captured. I very often open my  my treasure box just to gaze. As I relive the moments I know that one day  I will offer these treasures to you, as some way of expressing how I feel,  this is just such an occasion,  you have all touched me  deeply with your  affirmations.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Postcards from Paradise - Whoops I told a Lie ;~)

I recently had an on-line  conversation and said  "I don't remember smiling at anything I have created"!
This week I'm definitely smiling,  I received two things back through the post that I created. My Blog Story in Print This is an achievement, as you can see  I posted original images and text too ~ You can get your blog professionally printed,  but I wanted to have a go,  I have some background experience in publishing,  it's not perfect, I'm still learning, there's room for improvement! This will be a prototype! Oh that's a big word! Yes, I'm definitely smiling.

I think sometimes when we admit to smiling
at our own creations it feels a
bit uncomfortable, drawing to attention,
self approval/self doubt and ego all come into play?

Also artists are renowned for
never being completely happy and smiling
at their work, what do you think?
Recuerda mi Corazon
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Postcards from Paradise

Haiku my Heart #32 Sharing

The hand of support, carved out from a heart of care, is my offering. Sometimes my haiku offerings are  bright and cheery, sometimes a little more melancholic, whatever fits the seasons as they change!
This week my heart is with a close family member, who has a heavy load to bear.

I share with my online haiku friends
they always offer
the hand
@ Recuerda mi Corazon

A Window of JOY

Sun-drenched ~ Sun-quenched  ~ Sun-satiated

All adds up to
a window
of ~  JOY
Sharing the Joy Thursday @ Meri's Musings

Negative or Positive?

Can a Negative Space be Positive?

Observational drawing can throw  some light on this ~ try drawing negative spaces,
the areas around, or the gaps inside of a subject.  Sometimes these shapes can become more
 interesting than the subject itself,
often more clearly defining
the compositional aesthetic,
 even changing places
 becoming the positive! It's the same with photography,  as with drawing,
negative space is very important.
 I stumbled upon something
that fascinated me recently, silhouettes.
I wasn't sure why I was so allured by them?
I'd always considered them to be empty voids -
forms without internal reference points,
I suppose lifeless in a way,
they were compelling, why?

 In reality silhouettes are positive forms,
surrounded by negative light
which reveals and aids recognition to shape.
Our instinctive recognition to
these positive shapes can be very powerful,
even triggering the emotions!
Sometimes the mind can feel like  a negative space with few posit…

Not Feeling IT

I'm home but not feeling it!
The picture is blurred and out of focus. As usual I find change downright difficult! I think it might be saying goodbye to the ocean, I feel like I've left a part of me behind.