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Haiku Meditation Practice

Rest on a haiku,
drawing from deep still water,
float on the ether...

I have come to appreciate the art of haiku as a meditative practice,
the benefits are similar to meditation as a means for calming the mind.

My own process ~

Search through my image files until I connect with my intuition (deeper knowing),
I sit with the image for awhile, I do not struggle for words, I wait until they surface!
Whether they fit in with recognized traditional haiku formula or not
 is secondary to the intention ~

Align the Divine, connect to the stillness within, allow for flow ~
a peace inducing practice.

And of course I promote this peaceful practice
by sharing the love with ~

Haiku my Heart
Recuerda mi Corazon

By Note ~  Having participated in this Haiku my Heart gathering for about 3 years now as a means of connecting with like minded lovelies, this morning I came to a whole new realization, a new way of thinking about this tradition.
I attuned to the import, the full significance of this practice, it h…

Today I ...

I spied with my little eye,

So after I intuited what was already there calling my attention, after I aligned the Divine, I reached for my camera and just went right on ahead and painted...!

Coming Out ~ Expressing 'our' unique

Rapid cycling is a term sometimes used in explaining states of mental health,
I am given to 'rapid cycling'!  It comes as part of my creativity package!

When I'm cycling downward the feeling is low, low, like I get to feeling life is a chore, so darn hard work!
Conversely it is true for up-cycling. I get high as a kite, way up high, light and in love with my life!
This is why I'm prepared to put up with the lows without any medical modifications...

I want to be 'present' to all the parts of my life,
the entirety of me, for this is how I am able to express my unique.

This is how I 'Define the Divine' as beautifully expressed in this post byConnie at
Dirtyfootprints Studio ~ It's Art

The post describes my way of saying the same thing, I call it ~ 'Align the Divine',
I resonate so much with this thought of connecting back to Source and our using the unique expressions we each have as a means of illuminating the gift of Being...

For Connie her …

Language of Flowers

Say it with flowers,
pure essence of expression
love's distillation...

Linking with
Haiku my Heart
Recuerda mi Corazon

Passing Through ~

Yours intuitively.... SF