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Friday, 22 November 2013

Haiku Meditation Practice

Rest on a haiku,
drawing from deep still water,
float on the ether...

I have come to appreciate the art of haiku as a meditative practice,
the benefits are similar to meditation as a means for calming the mind.

My own process ~

Search through my image files until I connect with my intuition (deeper knowing),
I sit with the image for awhile, I do not struggle for words, I wait until they surface!
Whether they fit in with recognized traditional haiku formula or not
 is secondary to the intention ~

Align the Divine, connect to the stillness within, allow for flow ~
a peace inducing practice.

And of course I promote this peaceful practice
by sharing the love with ~

Haiku my Heart
Recuerda mi Corazon

By Note ~  Having participated in this Haiku my Heart gathering for about 3 years now as a means of connecting with like minded lovelies, this morning I came to a whole new realization, a new way of thinking about this tradition.
I attuned to the import, the full significance of this practice, it had not dawned on me until today ~
Yesterday was a full-on-day, my head was swimming with chatter from a meeting between my group of yoga buddies and me, there had been an upset in the camp, where our peaceful gathering had been violated, perhaps unwittingly but nevertheless the outcome was a painful one and painful in another sense that the group felt at a loss as to handling this complex problem in a yogic way!  I find this intensity hard to deal with! This was all on my mind as I awoke this morning until I was able to rest into the pattern of haiku meditation, and it was at this point that I felt deep appreciation for this meditative practice, the way you can just sink into something soothing and peaceful,
that helps to put things into perspective.

This morning's aha moment has taken the haiku ritual to a whole new level!
I am grateful for nourishing practices such as this.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Today I ...

I spied with my little eye,

So after I intuited what was already there calling my attention, after I aligned the Divine, I reached for my camera and just went right on ahead and painted...!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Coming Out ~ Expressing 'our' unique

Rapid cycling is a term sometimes used in explaining states of mental health,
I am given to 'rapid cycling'!  It comes as part of my creativity package!

When I'm cycling downward the feeling is low, low, like I get to feeling life is a chore, so darn hard work!
Conversely it is true for up-cycling. I get high as a kite, way up high, light and in love with my life!
This is why I'm prepared to put up with the lows without any medical modifications...

I want to be 'present' to all the parts of my life,
the entirety of me, for this is how I am able to express my unique.

This is how I 'Define the Divine' as beautifully expressed in this post by Connie at 
Dirtyfootprints Studio ~ It's Art

The post describes my way of saying the same thing, I call it ~ 'Align the Divine',
I resonate so much with this thought of connecting back to Source and our using the unique expressions we each have as a means of illuminating the gift of Being...

For Connie her connection to Divine is art, which is her beautiful intuitive painting,
on the other hand my connection to the Divine is photography.
For awhile I felt somewhat diminished by the fraternity of painters,
feeling they have exclusive rights on intuition in the art world. The reason being
I thought, that it was easier to express art intuitively through mark making and painting than photography.

However, I have revised my opinion!

The camera in my mind is nothing but a tool, just like the paintbrush,
or any other medium for the purpose of revealing our inner unique expression and
connection to the Divine.

So I have taken heart from this new paradigm shift, I'm coming out on this my 500th post and declaring ~

Intuitive Photography ~ My way of Defining the Divine!

Sharing with
Postcards from Paradise
Recuerda mi Corazon

Friday, 8 November 2013

Language of Flowers

Say it with flowers,
pure essence of expression
love's distillation...

Linking with
Haiku my Heart
Recuerda mi Corazon