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Bitter Sweet

This bitter sweet life, who has the recipe to blend maybe God will know?

Bitter Sweet, can both exist side by side and be palatable, leaving no aftertaste? Do they form a wholesome whole,  as I am told?
When bitter is present  do I focus on the sweet to balance? Will sweet mingle with bitter  and lessen it's bite?

Endless circles of
should we, shouldn't we?
If we do
then how will it effect relevant others?
If we don't
then how will it effect relevant us?

Sweet Sweet Connie Mae,
Dreaming of bonding days with my grand-baby. Listening to 'Beachlife' wondering if the day will come?
Beauty I find in places like Deeply Humbled
this post and video touches me deep.

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A Trio of Joy

All eyes to me

All eyes down

All eyes zoom in ~>

Connie Mae Fox
Born 24th June 2012 4.15pm
8lb 13oz

Share the Joy Thursday Meri's Musings

Celebration Collage

My yoga buddy recently qualified to be a masseuse,
I decided to create a little collage in honour of her achievement.
It's a bit too representative for my taste
but will suit my friend fine.
Carol is also a National Trust tourist guide,
for the grand Hardwick Hall, they have
recently opened a new restaurant
in the old stable yard (16th century),
Carol is responsible for telling the story.

Of course I had to play with my image in Picasa!

It's a curious thing when I create in collage,
something unintended but meaningful quite often surfaces.
For example take the two green umbrellas behind the word Summer 2012,
they were originally translucent flowers that caught my attention, I applied them upside down to the base line, not thinking of rain, it wasn't until I perused the collage later that I realized their significance!
This summer of celebrations here in the UK has up to now been the wettest in my memory!
(Queen's Jubilee and the Olympic Games)

Flower of Paradise

A most beautiful flower entered the light today, it was late afternoon when she arrived, perfect in every way... her name I'm not sure of, all will be revealed...
I'm in paradise, I have a granddaughter, going to see her and proud parents tomorrow.
Sending my good news to ~> 
Postcards from Paradise
Recuerda mi Corazon

Little Messages ~ It happened like this...

I was feeling particularly pensive this morning, nay, panicky is more apt! It was yoga day and I didn't want to go, to make the effort,  like I needed to rest from this attack of panic!
I felt I'd left all that behind, 
all the panic thoughts,
I'd done the work, 
the self help, personal development....
I'd made strides over the years, 
and besides
being older now, I assigned these 
feelings as part of the path from youth to middle years.

It was a difficult decision, but I  got ready anyway, resisting my thoughts, but they continued to follow
 bombard me all the way to the studio. Feelings of not being able to trust my  own judgment on many levels.
Yes, the familiar fear
feelings had risen
Once on my mat the thoughts started to subside and melt with each soothing chime sound, deepening as a soft voice from the front uttered "relax and simply breathe".
It was after the stretching postures
whilst relaxing in tadasana,
that I truly came home to myself  I was a…

Dear Gemma

Dear Gemma, sorry to hear  you're not feeling  your bright cheery self, I'm sending my boy for you to gaze at, he always makes me feel a little better, I wish you could stroke him, perhaps you could  visualise  a cuddling!

Sue xxxxx

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Recurda mi Corazon


That's it,  after months in the making the final details ~  shawl fringing trimmed, washed and aired, waiting with the nursing chair that has been lovingly upholstered by Grandpa Fox  for the fox-cub, mum & dad.
 We've been told it will definitely be in use this time next week!

Be a Dream Maker

I have a friend who I love,
Rebecca has many friends whom she loves,
she also has a heart of gold! + A treasured Heart of Silver,

her treasured Heart of Silver is about to be  Donated on behalf of her friends,
The Women of Las Rancheritas
who she feels so deeply for.

They have a dream, a dream that every mother has,
to be able raise a
"bright future for their families, now
and for generations to come".

See their Dream
be a Part of their Dream
The Women of Las Rancheritas
Be a Maker
'of Dreams come True'
to see how

Recuerda mi Corazon

Who am I?

self - portrait, expression.
Who am I? I have waited quite some time to fathom this out!
Whilst waiting I never felt happy with my 'cold clinical profile', I always felt the need to express myself more fully than a form permits! I wanted to be known by the feel of an image, or the mood words evoke......
I created a self-portrait of words and images as the expression of my soul...... My portrait, I feel reveals some fragments that make up this person..... but perhaps not the entire complexity?  Go see ~> click my heart on the side ~>

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Learn from the Lupin, when rain clouds gather and burst take a bow, then rise.

Hiya all, just got back from a small break by the sea, it filled my soul right to the brim!  These beautiful Lupins made a statement to me on my return so I thought I'd share it with all you haiku folks!
Have a great weekend, should be back with news about the fox cub soon, seems he's too comfy in the womb!  Or waiting til the rain clouds are banished!
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All the Way Home

Wanda knew it was a jungle out there..... and was thankful to have her 
faithful guide,
whom she could trust
to lead her all the way home....
“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift  and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant  and has forgotten the gift.”  Albert Einstein
Linking with Rebecca
Postcards from Paradise
Recuerda mi Corazon
BTW  For those who have asked and are interested in how I create these images            from photographs I will make a tutorial at a later date.

The Pulse & Growth

The pulse of my Friday
moment by moment reflection.

Rain falls gently, some of the blooms are now water-logged and bowing over, the white lilac is tangled with rust, wondering does the perfume still linger?
My boys are loathe to leave the comfort of snuggle,
after all rain means nothing's happening out-doors!
My love's feeling fidgety,
mounting the mower on soggy grass makes for a sludge-scape.

Thoughts return to my girl who seems a little better, struggles with bi-polar. At present like the sun's appearance through the clouds, better is only momentary.
Long-time virtual friend said we will be "learning lessons from each other".

Yes I'm learning that I can't always fix things,
being a mum, I want to,
I'm full of lets try this and that, but to no avail.
This journey is her journey I can only be there for her and hold her.

My heart wells from my yoga experience yesterday,
'The jewel in the lotus blossom mantra and meditation'.
This really soothed…

A Heady Afternoon

All the Queen's men and women were invited,  this was just such a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Partying with the Royals no less,  right outside their font door, a heady occasion!
This will feature strongly in my 'Joy Portfolio'
Sending to  Sharing the Joy Thursday Meri's Musings

Through my Window

Soft Sun less Sunday Dripping with Double Delight  Tamerisk/Peony Off to catch the post...
Postcards from Paradise Recuerda mi Corazon

Precarious Edge

Standing on the edge poised for possibility, precariously.
My heart wants to fly but my feet are weighted by all the what ifs?
Security ledge you are but a delusion, I'll hack of my boot and

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