Finding my Bliss

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Feelings #2

Yesterday my feelings were fragile,
we had planned a break by the ocean,
but had to come home early ~
I was not feeling well.
Today I had a ~~>

I had intended to draw whilst away, so not to be thwarted
I got my pencils and paper out this morning and
started some observational drawing.
But do you know what
It wasn't 'floating my boat'.

I knew exactly where my boat would float though and, do so for hours ~
yes my joy floats right here on this old computer screen,
I load some images from my picture files
then I am a happy bunny,
I play and play all day,
my calling you
might say.....

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My colour surges
with haikuing hearts, mingling
always on Friday...

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Flapping my Wings

My love has 'man flu' so I'm grounded,
my butterfly wings are being prepared for flight.
Just as soon as his eyes are dry,
we'll be up, up and away!


Our butterfly wings ~
free, outstretched, dry & weightless,
glinting in the sun.

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Sunday, 19 May 2013

How does your garden grow?

My husband has oodles of energy, he tends to get a lot done in the garden,
whilst I'm always lacking in energy and find myself feeling overwhelmed.
To be honest a handkerchief garden would suit me better, unlike the two acres we have!
So the bulk of gardening gets done by my love,
which is fine since he was the one who pushed to live here!

The only problem is he's a bit of a top surface gardener, a little hoeing
here, tweaking the edges there, all the while beneath the surface those invasive type plants are
sending their spider web roots ever outward and our garden is fast becoming a jungle!

Yesterday whilst my love was away for the weekend, I suddenly had an urge to garden,
an energy rush.  I surprised and surpassed myself in his absence and without his well intentioned
"you'll never get those roots out of there" advice.  ;~)

At the end of the day I went indoors feeling wonderful at my new-found strength and vigour,

I couldn't help but analyse ~

and the moral of the story is this ~

If you tell yourself something or someone else tells you often enough you will believe it!!

I told myself I had no energy ~ false
He told me I would not be able to get those roots out ~ false

Lesson learned ~
challenge those old stories,
write new lines for yourself,
send your love away for the weekend once in a while!


Just to let you know, I will be on the road next week, the ocean is calling me and I must go!
Will be back soon, soon I say :~)xxx

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Friday, 17 May 2013

To Be Seen

The gift of seeing
is precious like no other,
thanks for seeing me!

If there is anything more precious than really being seen, then tell me about it....
To be seen and loved for who you are is such a soul affirming joy.
I feel so privileged to have friends like this...
My heart is overflowing with gratitude,
I'll haiku forever...

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Mary of my Morning

Where I met Mary this week, this morning, please take a minute and discover
the essence of one beautiful soul ~>~>

Fiddle Sticks

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Visitor

It feels a bit like a dream now, surreal even, the water seems so lonely now she's gone.
Although she was ours for only six days altogether we began to think of her as family.
Salina we called her, it was the name of my grandmother who I'd never known,
I thought it had a graceful air about it and seemed fitting.

Five mornings in a row I made my way to the water's edge crust in hand,
Salina on first sight of me glided across for breakfast as though we'd always done this.
I was ecstatic, our very own swan sailing serenely on the water, an idyllic country cottage scene.

The lad from across the way raised some concern in our minds pointing out that our pond may not be large enough for her to take flight should she need to.  At this point I began to realise I was starting to worry for her welfare just like you do for family!  Was there enough natural food in the pond and round about for her nourishment, was she stranded on the pond, lonely?

Yesterday morning my love announced that Salina was making her way up the hill of the field behind the house, he thought she may have been attracted to the newly sprouted crop shoots, but after pausing he went on to report she was making her way to the top of the hill and she was now poised ready for take-off.  He went on to recount her running down the hill wings spread wide and flapping, touching the ground once and again and then she was off, she gained height above the pond soon disappearing from view.

I was feeling sad and relieved all at the same time, sad at the thought of losing this beautiful creature and also relieved that I didn't have to worry for her.  In actual fact I never did have to worry for her, she could look after herself perfectly and what's more she never really was ours, she was always wild and free, just visiting!