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Summer is Here

Thought I'd have a little play with my banner today!  Summer is here and I'm lapping it up, as you can see from my posypics, or should I say more peony posy pics!  I think it's safe to say they're probably my favourite flowers. I've just come back from a fabulous holiday on the South East coast of the UK, Cromer.  Weather was gorgeous and perfect for holiday snaps. On a sadder note, I was reminded that not everyone is having a good time even if the sun is shining in this beautiful, balmy seaside town.  Pain still exists here as I notice this plea for help on the back of a loo door!  Some kind hearted person had left a reply saying  "things will get better trust me" I hope she returned to see this reply, it  might have helped knowing someone cared enough!

Strawberry Full Moon & Cromer Magic

I've been dreaming all week in this lovely dreamy place called Cromer, as you can see by my collage I've been bathing myself in beauty, noticing all the colours and images to bring home and assemble on the Strawberry Full Moon.
Jamie spoke about taking time for creativity, this morning I did just that, I got absorbed in my passion for photography and image assembling.  The moments of my holiday are all re-lived as I pursue my passion, a cyclical activity!
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Being in the Moment

What's it like for you? This is what it's like for me - noticing things, little things, like this morning I noticed the sun's reflection on my fridge door, reflecting the tree from over the road dancing and shimmering on the grey surface.  It makes me feel alive when I notice something fleeting, something other, something of the moment that I can capture with my camera.  These images may not mean anything to anyone else but they give me an almost indescribable feeling of having everything in that moment!
Please tell me about your moments?

Morning Meditation

I sat as normal in my yoga pose, entering into the practice of meditation, thoughts rose, I welcomed them and softly waved them goodbye, it was delicious, the thoughts were delicious but  I was aware of more and more delicious thoughts and the clock's soothing ticks heightened along  with the cooing of doves outside my window.
The image of the peony from the garden entered my mind, the large, soft, frilly peony, pink and cream ruffled petals. I sank into the peony, into it's dewy, soft petals, they stroked my cheeks. I rested there enveloped in it's creamy, frilled deliciousness.
I could still hear the clock ticking softly and  the bird chattering to herself but  the image of the peony faded, then  the bird's chatter silenced though the clock's ticks whispered on.
Am I in the moment is this being in the moment?

I welcome your perspective on this experience, these words were intuitively written after my meditation.  I don't claim them to be poetic.  I wrote the words without censor to capt…

Happy Again

Well it's that time again, soon comes around does Happy Friday
I so look forward to posting, it focuses the mind on all the little moments of happiness I sometimes  take for granted.  So first of all a big thank you to
Jamie for weekly happy focusing.

This week I'm happy to be back in my sweet pod, in my home with my love after my 'mini me retreat', and of course my two boys Dougal & Jasper I missed all three boys so very much, not sure which one the most! Garden's come on leaps and bounds since being away, got a bit glum a few weeks back the garden took such a beating after the hard frost winter, we lost several shrubs.   I had a bit of a sulk on with it, but all is forgiven now! First Summer Rose
  Oh yes, I know which boy I missed the most, the one who made a sail to shade me from the sun, as I sit among the apple trees of an evening sipping my vino!
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My Very Happy Friday

I've had such a 'me' week this week, it's been all about 'me', in-fact I've spent the entire week on a 'me-retreat'. I'm having this retreat because I'm house sitting for someone, away from my own place!  It's been a real oasis, for I've escaped all the usual run-up banter to the Football World Cup that goes on in my house!  I've escaped to a very tranquil and peaceful space just right for contemplation!

So what have I been contemplating?   For one thing my blog, you might have detected this from the new blog template I applied!  I'm going to add a new banner when I get home to my own workspace.  The thing is I'm fairly new to the blogging thing as you may be aware!  But I've been reading and digesting a wonderful book on this subject by Tara Frey - Blogging for Bliss, very informative and helpful, beautifully illustrated, and with a friendly touch that seems to be the hallmark of creative bloggers.

Now I'm beginnin…

Thanks for your lovely comments - Wishcasting

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Magical Moments of my Weekend

Son's garden and beautiful blooms including daughter-in-law and her very own bloom the lovely Cathy, who I'm looking out for this week. We shared a lovely day together cooking and watching TV, The Britain's Got Talent final - awesome, every act deserved their place, couldn't choose between them!