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Intuitive Dream-Board Tutorial

I am the Queen of procrastination!
but today I'm going to change ;~)
I am going to pursue something
I promised myself and you ages ago ~>

A ~  Full Moon Intuitive Dream Board & Tutorial


Because it is the 'Full Snow Moon' this evening
a perfect time for visioning and creating, a powerful process for securing dreams!

Tutorial here we go ~>

First step collect materials ~>
images, words, colours that speak to you from old magazines, photos, leaflets packaging etc.
*keep your eyes open*

My stash today ~  a variety of magazines,
when I go through them I'm confident
something will speak to me.....

BTW I'm tuning into some therapeutic listening, Sade on Spotify!
'Bring me Home' ~ Live 2011,
oh, and a mug of cocoa....

Next I quickly scan the magazines and rip out the images/words, this stage needs to be swift, just an intuitive recognition of what draws your attention, no need to labour!
The idea is to get the juicy creative energy-flowing and released.
Today the moon energy is strong with me! This is often the time I am most creative !!!!

Now I prepare to get messy, I collect together~>
  • A board, any board, cardboard even, this is not intended to be a work of art but if it turns out to be one apply it something stronger!
  • Different papers, I like to use tissue paper, coloured and patterned, home/hand made.
  • A container of watered down PVA glue + applicator brush.
  • Scissors, bowl of water + sponge for cleaning up.
  • Hair dryer for speeding up the process.
Next I decide on the colour pallet for the tissue background then I get to ripping, randomly applying and layering it onto the board which is first covered with PVA glue. I apply more glue by hand smoothing and rubbing the tissues in the way it wants to go!

There's no need to be precise, just bear in mind two colours placed over each other mingle to give different shades, oh and the colours may run but this does not matter, it all adds to the finished look.  However precious papers need to be strategically placed or saved for later as they may get covered up by your images. When I have completely covered the surface I leave to dry or use the hair-dryer. I'm now taking a lunch break so my Aga will be doing the drying job!

Turning my attention to the images/words I select the ones I want to use cutting or ripping ready for use.  At this stage you may discard some of the images you originally selected, some images/words now begin to speak louder, take note and go with the flow. TRUST

Now's the time to start arranging/applying your chosen images, start with the large more obscure or background images.  Sometimes ripping large pictures into strips adds interest when spaced out, especially strong graphic ones. You might find that you cover some of your initial images, this doesn't matter its the final look that comes about by letting go and going with the flow!

Save the prominent images and words applying them last.  When you are happy with the result allow to dry thoroughly then you may want to enhance further by drawing, writing, stamping or adding heavier items, the sky is the limit!

When I study form the things that have surfaced through this intuitive process reveal themselves to me! They are to do with my intentions for the year namely ~>

To value my time and use it wisely.
To value my home and re-commit to home-making now moving house is disappearing from view!
To continue to honour all life forms as we are all interconnected.
To find rejuvenation from travel.
To find restful ease in my life.

I am going to keep my dream board in a prominent place as a reminder of my dreams and to re-enforce my intentions!  I hope you liked, will be adding further digital enhancements later in the week!


somepinkflowers said…
{{ love this idea, sue!!
i keep a dream-board
for me at All Times ...

of places to go
of things to see
of objects i want to buy
((( my new jeep ))
a HUGE space
for things i am thankful for...
{{ mostly family }}

the board is large
and almost 10 years old
and i add to it
from time to time ...

so satisfying
to see magazine pictures
of places i wanted to see
now have done
((( Marrakesh !! )))

very satisfying
i shall keep adding on ...

my extended family
has increased by two
and the two oldest--
my parents--
have passed away,
still i keep on adding
my dreams ...

i believe in this method
of manifesting,
going toward what i want
and happy to be thankful
for what i have ...

love seeing your board, missy !! }}
Stephanie said…
I am all about powerful intentions and how they can manifest, I am doing the Artist Way with a group of friends. I've tried it before but it didn't resinate with me for some reason. Now it does. I feel so LIGHT after purging in my morning pages and ready to LIVE this day.

I love seeing all that you are offering here Sue.

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