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Don't Blink

What rate ticketh clock?
I blinked and a whole year passed
or, was I dreaming?

Somehow I seemed to have lost a whole year,
it appears what I thought happened last year happened the year before!
My sister who is twelve years my senior warned me about this ~
"wait until you get to my age then time really does fly"!
Of course we'll never be able to confer!

Still, living in the moment can feel like forever, because it is,
I'm trying to make each beautiful moment count!

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Annie said…
Oh, that is interesting. You took the same picture and turned it on its edge and surprised me . . . sort of like time flying and you look back and wonder what happened. LOL
Introverted Art said…
I know exactly what you mean... I seem to be missing time myself... sounds sad though, I am afraid I am going to miss out on my whole life if I don't pay attention
I am 63 and life certainly seems to be speeding up while I'm slowing down. :) Yes, learning to be in the "eternal now" that has no time - which is all the time :)... I like the affect on the collage in your photo...
Hazel Ceej said…
Love the speed on the second line!
Spadoman said…
Your sister is wise. Time and motion wait for no one. Birthdays and anniversaries pass through and it is hard to believe that so much time has slipped through our fingers. You've reminded me to have some fun today, and I have, by coming here to visit you my Dear Ms. Foxy.

I hate clocks! There was a three-year period of my life when I lived only by the sun, no human-made timepiece whatsoever. I miss those days...

Old Willow Woman
Marit said…
i know the feeling... you put it into words wonderfully! Enjoy the weekend, it's gone before you know it ;)
Stephanie said…
You put it beautifully...that living in the moment can feel like forever, because it is.

The image in sepia illustrates your haiku wonderfully.

happy day to you Sue!
Dawn Elliott said…
I think most of us are starting to feel like time is going faster and faster...and of course, each year becomes a smaller and smaller percentage of our lives... If we only remembered how long a year was when we were, say fifth of our lives! Now, a year is one fifty-fifth, for me! Ouch!
Karen said…
I know exactly what you mean. Time speeds by as we are wrapped up in daily life. It gets more difficult to live in the moment when as they whizz by.
Laura said…
This resonates deeply... beautiful and true, all passes so quickly, and then suddenly we are right here in the moment... and it is all gone again.
Priti.Lisa said…
So clever, your art!
And to be able to transcend time...glad to know I am not the only one♥♥
Ah yes, the dance of time. Insightful haiku and photo ^_^
gma said…
This is awesome!
Please no more blinking. :-)
wabisabipoet said…
Art and words compliment each other so beautifully:

colors the present
with light
rebecca said…
dear sue,
lovely thoughtful haiku so full of encouragement and wisdom to savor the moment. last weekend we had unexpected snow...just to fuel our anticipation for spring all the more!
i hope you are feeling well and that all is well in your world. thank you for being my friend through all the seasons...let's s l o w the moments a wee bit more and savor each one.
Kim Mailhot said…
Time is indeed flying!!! Way too fast for this lingering girl!
But yes, staying present does help to make the moments last...
Happy Weekend, Sue!
judie said…
Excellent haiki. Thought provoking post. Thanks, I needed that. :)
Cat said…
beautiful you

love and light
I love your image and the collage nature of it. Tonight I visited a friend with cancer who was admitted to the hospital. I had not seen him in a very long time. I was amazed at how immaterial time was in that moment. Hours could have passed, and they did actually without my being aware. He was telling me a story from such a deep part of his soul, I could do nothing but listen, nod, move closer. My eyes fastened on him. My ears fully open for understanding. Life is very short, but love and compassion are full, embracing and hopeful.

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