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From My Heart to Yours

I have been practising yoga for about six years,
my practice has been consistent realizing early on
the incredible value of these ancient holistic movements.
I cannot extol the benefits enough!

I came to yoga at a difficult phase in my life,
when my adult daughter's serious mental health disorder surfaced.
We became her sole carers.  Having had mental health issues of my own,
mainly anxiety and depressive states, I needed something to help me cope.
I'd heard how yoga exercise, (as I thought of it then) could help.
Help it did in the most wonderful and beautiful ways!

I am aware that yoga is more mainstream in some parts of the globe than others,
here in the UK yoga is gaining ground at speed.
I am going to be posting about my Yoga & Meditation journey,
how it has been instrumental in both mine and my daughter's well being
in the hope that it might encourage others.

After six years I'm the first to admit I'm not the most knowledgeable,
skilled or elegant practising yogi (a person who practises yoga),
but what I know I would like to pass on ~>
What I know is over time, not only has my body changed
but my whole Being has blossomed!
I'm not claiming yoga and meditation to be a miracle cure all,
but in a time of increased stress it certainly helps.

I'm adding new main categories to store my posts
for easy access to anyone with special interest ~>

  •  Yoga & Meditation Journey 
  •  Mental Health/Bi-Polar Disorder

My daughter and I would like to use this space to tell our story in the hope of
enlightening others and encouraging anyone who has been or is affected!

Next Sundays 

  • My Awakening  
  • My Beautiful Day ~ Yoga Gratitude Prayer

I'm sending my news ~>
Linking with my circle of friends 


gma said…
This is wonderful. I enjoy the stretching and have done yoga in classes (always feel so uncoordinated) Would love to practice more and know I could learn a lot from you. xxx The depression issue has reared it's head in my family as well...looking forward to future posts.
Your practice of yoga and meditation sounds wonderful! I also practice sitting meditation. I am intrigued to hear your shared stories. Will look forward to next Sunday and going along on your journey...
I am so glad that you have chosen to commit to this section on your blog and share it with others. Its meaningfulness for you comes through with great honesty and heart and your willingness to share your journey with others can only provide greater healing to the world at large. Thank you for being the generous person that you are. I have thought of doing yoga. I currently do meditate. I will follow your blog and see where it leads me!
Cat said…
I have been doing consistantly for a year now
I practice Hatha Yoga
and I am terrible at it
BUT I love it and everything in me loves it
it is very different from what I have spent most of my life doing via physical exercise but it was time...
and even though I am SO NOT graceful or elegant or swan like...I am more like a thick muscle bound hobbit of sorts...minus the hairy feet, I feel all those things when I let myself disappear into that hour and 15 minutes...when I let go and allow, magic happens
it is lovely and I am grateful every time

love and light Suey
glad to be back in your space
Stephanie said…
This is such a wonderful idea for sharing your experiences with yoga.
I finished the book you saw on my blog, The Science of Yoga and am going to buy a copy for myself so that I can mark it up etc.
He ends with wondering where yoga will be in the world in 100 years. One path could certainly lead to peace and wellness on our planet. The cheap, even free 'prescriptions' that could transform our health care system among other things.
I look forward to your sharing here!
Starr Sonam said…
Here you are foxysue, now I can become ever more fond of you here.x
suzanne said…
i smiled as i read your post as i understand the solace that yoga brings, i know the peace it is able to lead you to, the stillness it helps to settle in a troubled heart. i hear your words deeply, my friend. and i look forward to reading about your journey and your experience. xx
Introverted Art said…
wow Sue, this was beautiful. I wish I liked yoga better...I just couldn't get into it... :( I do like to meditate though, but yoga was hard for me. I have never been into exercising, although I was a dancer for many years, so I need something a bit faster.
I had a huge bout with depression a couple f years ago while dealing with my parents divorce... I was even on meds for a few months. It takes a lot to get out of it. A holistic approach, body soul and mind. And the choice everyday not to give into it.
Becs said…
Hi Sue, Found you via Kat Sloma's blog. I used to practice yoga and then gave up for one reason or another...but it is on my list of things to reconnect with this year. Looking forward to following along with your journey and drawing inspiration from it. Becs
monicadevine said…
I have been practicing for 15 years, and it has been a continuous journey of discovery. It can be adapted for any season of your life, and the calming effects of meditation are cumulative. Look forward to following your progress.

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