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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Breathe Easy

My hospital appointment coincided with yoga practice,
so I was a little reluctant to visit as
I knew it was just to tidy-up the
paper work and to discharge.

However, there was a consolation should I miss yoga!
The 'English Eccentric',
the consultant who was so very charming on my last visit,
and, maybe he would throw some light on another concern
I was holding my breath about?

Having had some re-assurance from
the 'pink cartoon tie' wearing consultant I was off in a jiffy.
It was about 4 minutes to the hour, the lights being with me on the road
and just a few moments later I slipped into the back of the studio unnoticed
joining in with yogic calming breathing......

Tense situations in life tend to make us hold our breath, and then we may only breathe into the top part of the lungs or the chest, this is common, not using the whole of the lungs!  Yoga focuses on fluidity of mind, body and spirit, using the breath to facilitate this. Calm steady breathing using the whole of the lungs to send life giving oxygen to every cell not only rejuvenates the body but also promotes a peaceful and steady state of mind.

In the early days I did not appreciate how vital a part breath work is to yoga, to be honest it was enough for me to just learn the postures, but because the tutor constantly instructed the ins & out breaths I naturally fell into the way of it. Over the years I have come to really appreciate how wonderful this natural function is, I have come to take great delight and rest in the most basic of all human gifts ~ the breath! (Prana)

No wonder 90 year old Rigina Brett in her 42 points ~ Celebration of Growing Older said ~
"Take a deep breath it calms the mind"!

For more enlightening and fascinating facts about the breath please take a moment and visit ~
Leslie Kenton ~ Secrets of the Breath

I will just drop this off to ~
Postcards from Paradise
Recuerda mi Corazon


Mystic Meandering said...

I was up last night unable to sleep and I read this delightful post that reminded me to *breathe.* So I spent a few moments consciously breathing with awareness of the flow of the breath, which was very soothing. I know this, I just forget to practice it :) In the mornings before rising I do a breathing exercise that opens the body to a flow of energy, bringing this body back into harmony again... ahhhhh ~ ~ ~

Mystic Meandering said...

PS - meant to mention that I love your photo! Very intriguing...

Dawn Elliott said...

I am finally back doing some yoga after a few years off with a bad wrist...and I adore it! There is so much going on, yet, as you say, it is also so very calming...a beautifully healing contradiction...

Cat said...

to breathe
such a vital part of all aspects of life
having a yoga practice has definitely enhanced that knowing for me

love and light

rebecca said...

dear beautiful you,

so lovely to have you here with your calm and caring. so glad you have the health issues behind you and were able to slip into your yoga, the way you slip into my heart, a perfect fit.

Carola Bartz said...

I try deep breating whenever I am rather excited or when I can't sleep. Often times it really helps and calms me down.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I'm not very good at deep breathing, but your post makes me re-evaluate how I respond to crises.

Tracks through Paradise

suzanne said...

it is such a simple, yet powerful and profound process...the breath. the very life force, the connector to life, the expansive factor - should we step into it. it too, am ever the student of the breath, the prana.

Stephanie said...

Yes, great breathe

I have to skip my yoga practice today because of a conference call ;(

my home practice is not as full as when I am in class, but will do a bit.