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More on Energy...

I've been focusing on energy these last few posts,
thinking of that 'Vast Ball of Energy' our sun...
and to think that I might "cast my weight behind it" and make any difference... Lol.

But yes I do actually, we all do, we all make a difference, our individual and collective energy...

I got to thinking about other people's energy, how they use their energy and the affect it can have.  I thought about my younger days when I visited the homes of friends and family I would look for the energy of that home and homemaker, with things like interiors, comfort, food preparation and relaxation. I would look for the positive benefits there and try to incorporate these element into my own home life.

Later on when the search for positive energy moved onto a spiritual plane, again I would look for energy patterns to enrich my own life.  Here however, I found the search not quite so easy, identifying a source of positive energy that would resonate with me, the problem being the multitude of teachers with their own formulas of what a spiritually energized path would look like.  I often found some detail of the path that didn't look right to me!

In the past and more recently I have researched many spiritual faiths and philosophies each with a plethora of ideas constantly vying for attention within my mind, me the 'seeker'.  This in itself can be confusing even exhausting and whilst I do see that we can pickup on the energy of others, teachers and gurus, I do believe that none have the ultimate 'path formula'! It is an individual thing, we make the detail of our own path through inward inquiry to see if  we can walk it... 


Their loving energy can be recognized shared and capitalized for the collective, it can be transmuted into a positive energy field, this is what interests me. Evolving human consciousness can be found everywhere, it is based on basic principles not the detailed instruction of lineage etc.

Share your thoughts please I would love to know......


suzanne said…
yes, yes, and yes....i understand your seeking and your questioning. i understand the realization of the inner-wisdom we all possess. and i understand the belief of the collective energy. did you ever watch the film - or ? both really compelling films, that have stayed with me years after. both exploring ideas you are touching on here.

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