Finding my Bliss

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sailing Through

Today finds me somewhere in-between the pinks and the blues,
I'm hoping I can glide gracefully through.

My evening walk with the mutts and my love helped a lot,
we visited the five little ponds my favourite walk, the light was perfect.

A *no apps* painterly effect is achieved through an ambient light water reflection, turned upside-down.

It was a photo~shoot of contrasts, much like life really,

with all the twists and turns!


Mystic Meandering said...

Beautiful photos! Wonderful creativity! I especially love the swan. We don't see many of those here in Colorado :) And so true about the contrasts of life. I'm feeling it too; the ebb and flow of living - right now in an ebb phase - hoping to glide through to some fluidity as well ~ ~ ~ :)

suzanne said...

i love the photos...the reflections and ripples.

Lynn said...

These are lovely photos,your blog postings a lovely as well, poetic and reflective...this is a peaceful place to come.