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Note to Self

After visiting Suzanne at Sperly-Girl today I just had to take her cue and write myself a little note.
This photograph is not technically all that it could be, was taken on my mobile, but I just love the way I look, my facial expression and would like to come over like this, but alas I don't always. Just now I'm in a lot of pain and my love keeps singing some song about a sad eyed lady, I'm sure he's singing about me!!

So I'm posting this to myself as an affirmation!

Thank you Suzanne and also to your friend who inspired you. xxx

BTW If I haven't called to say hello and leave you a little note of affection lately, it's because I'm not so good right now, but will be back just a s a p. x

PS  Mary came to me by way of Suzanne's blog today,
so I'm linking this love to ~>
Mornings with Mary
Recuerda mi Corazon


Bruised hearts let so much more light out - may you see some of that Love shining back to you, blessings
Cat said…
love the image of you Sue...and loving you from across the ocean
take good care of you
as mother mary comes to you speaking words of wisdom...let it be

love you
these words might help

love and light
kt40s said…
sue i love this! so happy you wrote to yourself and took a wonderful self portrait:)
i hope you are feeling better now.
xo katy
suzanne said…
what a great note and self-portrait! love that you joined in. sending you love and light to help ease your pain. xx s
Am so sorry to hear that you are in pain... I love that you are nurturing yourself with little notes of love to yourself :) And of course being serenaded by your hubby helps too :) And here are some big Heart Hugs for you from across the pond! :) Love~Love~Love~~~~~
gma said…
That other people like me send lots of love to you is a wonderful thing. BUT Love to yourself is the most valuable. Great photo btw. xx
Annie said…
So sorry you are not doing so well at the moment. Mary is a true comfort and healer.
rebecca said…
dear sue,
i LOVE you!!! i love YOU! yes, i truly feel all the mary love through the sharing of hearts here. sending mine to add to this gorgeous radiant circle of deepest regard. be well my darling one. be well and shine.
Lizbethem said…
Saying a prayer that the pain will pass, Sue. xx
Stephanie said…
Sending you light and love, hate to hear that you are hurting. Look into that beautiful face of yours and take strength.

Norma Ruttan said…
oh, no! I am blowing wishes for you to feel better, lovely lady!
rebecca said…
dear one,
it was the bright part of my morning...collecting inspiring words to marry such gorgeous butterflies!
thank you for being a beautiful loving part of my life!
Monica B said…
i'm so sorry to hear that you're low, in pain. i send out lots of healing vibes and a good strong hot cup of tea.

i also love the expression on your face there.

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